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Dschinni 25g Tabak - Candy Breeze - Eisgletscher Bonbons - Dschinni GmbH
Shisha Tabak 25g Pistachio Pistazie Vanille Verpackung umgeben von Pistazien und Vanille
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Dschinni 25 Tabak - Lemon Fresh - Zitrone, Eis - Dschinni GmbH
Sale price€4,00(€160,00/kg)
Shisha Tabak 25g Blue Blaubeere Ice Verpackung umgeben von Blaubeeren und Eiswürfeln
Shisha Tabak 25g Black Fresh Schwarze Traube Ice Verpackung umgeben von schwarzen Trauben und Eiswürfeln
classic 25g tabak shisha cdeath fresh
Shisha Tabak Wassermelone 7Days Classic C Melo
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shisha tabak pfirsich 7days classic c peah
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Musthave Tabak Shisha 25g Apfel Kiwi Minze
Shisha Tabak Os African Queen 25G
Samra 25g Shisha Tabak - #06 Phoenix - Orange Wasserpfeifentabakm, Shishatabak
os bonnie und clyde tabak 25 Gramm
Shisha Tabak Os Doobacco 25G Casanova
AINO Dark 25g  Brombeere Black Shisha Tabak
 AINO Dark 25g - Eis, Guave - OHA Shisha Tabak
AINO Dark - Rosy P Granatapfel, Eis und Blume Shisha Tabak
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Serum Tobacco 25g - Flamingo - Lychee, Ice und Limette, Wasserpfeifentabak und Shishatabak
AINO Dark 25g - Grapefruit - Great Fruit Shisha Tabak
AINO Dark - Lady Sakura Kirsche Burley-Tabak Shisha Tabak
Wasserpfeifen Tabak Aino TNGRN Dream Mandarine Shisha
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Al Fakher 25g - Shisha Tabak Double Crunch Doppelapfel - Dschinni GmbH
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Aqua Mentha 25g - Black Box #1 Shisha Tabak - Dschinni GmbH
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Argileh 20g - Chapo Laymon Shisha Tabak Tobacco - Dschinni GmbH
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Argileh 20g - Orng Mnt Shisha Tabak Orange Minze - Dschinni GmbH
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Shisha Tabak 25g Water Fresh Wassermelone Minze Verpackung umgeben von Wassermelone und Eiswürfeln
Shisha Tabak 25g Ba Bomb Zitronenkuchen Verpackung umgeben von Zitronen und Zitronenkuchen
Sale price€4,00(€160,00/kg)
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Holster 25g - Ice Kaktuz - Dschinni GmbH
Sale price€4,00
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Musthave Tabak Blarry Brombeere Heidelbeeren Shisha
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Al Massiva 25g - Sommer in Beirut - Dschinni GmbH
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Musthave Tabak Zitrone Limette Shisha 25g
Musthave Tabak Morocco Zitrone Gewürze Shisha Tabak
Musthave Tabak Melonaide Honigmelone Wassermelone Shisha
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Al Waha 20g - T&M Traube Minze - Dschinni GmbH
Sale price€3,90
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Musthave Shisha Tabak Milchreis süß Zucker
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Musthave Tabak Patch Pfirsich Shisha
Shisha Tabak Musthave Pistazie Himbeere Kuchen Shisha
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Shisha Tabak Musthave Pynapl Ananas Exotisch
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Shisha Tabak Musthave Pynkman Erdbeere Grapefruit Himbeere
Musthave 25g - Raspi - Dschinni GmbH
Sale price€5,90
Musthave Tabak Team Oran Orange Shisha
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Musthave Tabak Erdbeere Strawberry Shisha Lychee
Musthave Forest Berri Waldbeere Himbeere Tabak Shishatabak 25 Gramm
Os Tabak Disco Girl Shisha Pfirsich Minzblätter
Os Shisha Tabak Lucifero Apfel Erdbeere
OS Shisha Tabak Red lagoon Lagune Kaktusfeige Früchte
O's Doobacco 25g Shisha Tabak - TNT Awards - Beerenmix - Dschinni GmbH
os Shisha Tabak Unknown Limette Auge
os studio 54 shisha tabak 25g wassermelone

Your ultimate smoking experience

Looking for the ultimate smoking experience? In our shisha shop you will find an incomparable selection of shisha tobacco that meets every need and taste. From classic varieties such as double apple, grape and mint to exotic summer varieties with menthol and refreshing aromas - there is something for everyone here. But what makes our shisha tobacco so special?

What makes our shisha tobacco special?

What is shisha tobacco made of? Our premium blends consist of the finest glycerin, high-quality tobacco, delicious flavors and sweet molasses, which together guarantee an unforgettable smoking experience. We offer a variety of tobaccos: Virgina, Dark Leaf, Burley and even nicotine-free tobacco for those who prefer a lighter taste.

Experimental alternatives

Alternatives to traditional tobacco: For our adventurous customers, we offer innovative alternatives such as steam stones, pulp, cream/paste and even flavored fruits. These products are ideal for those who are looking for a new smoking experience or have specific preferences.

Popular and crazy mixtures

In addition to classic flavors like watermelon, we also offer creative blends and creamy varieties like lemon cake. Our range of sweet, refreshing and cooling strains ensures that every smoking moment is a special experience.

Size units for every need

Different size units: Whether for occasional enjoyment or regular use – we have the right size unit for you. Choose between 25g, 65g, 200g and 1000g to suit your needs.

Tobacco from all over the world

Our range includes tobacco from the Orient, the USA and many other parts of the world. Whether you're looking for moist tobacco, flavored tobacco or even the traditional tombak, you'll find it with us.

Tobacco for every head

We offer tobacco that is suitable for clay bowls, glass bowls, phunnels and more. Whether you prefer traditional tobacco or more modern blends, our shop has the best selection for you.

Order online easily and conveniently

Discover our carefully compiled pre-selection of the best varieties and order conveniently online. From fine to coarse cut, from dry tobacco that you can moisten with glycerin, to high or low nicotine tobacco - our range covers all wishes.

Blends and pure smoking

Do you like experimenting? Our tobacco is great for blending to create your own perfect blend, or can be enjoyed neat to experience the genuine flavor.

Despite the tobacco ban

Tobacco ban? No problem with us! Despite the challenges presented by the tobacco ban, we ensure that you can enjoy the best selection of tobacco. Rate our tobacco and share your experiences with other smoking enthusiasts.

Discover the world of shisha tobacco

Discover the world of shisha tobacco in our shop and enjoy a smoking experience that is second to none. Order conveniently online, discover the best selection and be inspired by our popular and crazy mixtures. Your next smoking experience is already waiting for you