Musthave 25g - Pynapl - Pineapple

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Refreshing sweetness of summer: MUSTHAVE PYNAPL pineapple tobacco

Immerse yourself in the exotic world of fresh fruit delights with the MUSTHAVE PYNAPL pineapple tobacco. This unique tobacco is sourced from 7 different countries to create an unparalleled aroma. The delight begins in the USA, Brazil, Malawi, Argentina, Bangladesh, Spain and Italy, and culminates in the factory in Bryansk, near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.

This exquisite tobacco will enchant you with its sweet, fruity taste of the classic canned pineapple rings. You will feel like you are in a tropical paradise that offers you a refreshing touch of summer.


  • Taste experience: The sweet and fruity pineapple note will take you into a world full of exotic aromas.
  • Quality you can trust: With tobacco from 7 different countries and an innovative manufacturing method, MUSTHAVE guarantees only the best.
  • Multi-stage manufacturing process: MUSTHAVE prides itself on its unique process that gives the tobacco maximum flavor.
  • High Quality Burley Tobacco: This tobacco is made from the finest tobacco leaves worldwide, resulting in a rich, full flavor.

Experience the refreshing sweetness of summer now with MUSTHAVE PYNAPL!


Musthave 25g - Pynapl - Pineapple

  • 25g
  • pineapple
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