Genie Closed Chamber Systems

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Suitable for: Genie Bonnie and Clyde
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Innovative design

Immerse yourself in a world full of innovation with the Dschinni Closed Chamber System. Its avant-garde design combines aesthetics and functionality in a unique way. With clean lines and a modern silhouette, this system is an eye-catcher in any room. It has been carefully designed to not only enhance your smoking experience but also enhance your living spaces.

Traditional smoking experience

Experience the deep connection with traditional shisha smoking thanks to the Dschinni Closed Chamber System. It preserves the essence of ancient smoking culture and brings it into the modern world. Made from high quality materials and crafted using traditional techniques, this system offers an authentic and unparalleled smoking experience. Enjoy every train like a trip back in time.

Highest quality

With the Closed Chamber System from Dschinni you not only receive a product, but a promise of the highest quality. Every detail has been crafted with the utmost care and precision to ensure durability and reliability. From the selection of materials to final assembly, every stage of the manufacturing process is subject to strict quality standards. Invest in excellence and experience the pinnacle of hookah craftsmanship.


Dschinni was the first to apply the closed chamber system to modern hookahs by making the base a solid body and the hose connection vertical.

The Dschinni Closed Chamber System is made of food-safe silicone and therefore does not contain any toxic chemicals and does not give off an unpleasant odor.

The high-quality and robust silicone can withstand up to 700 degrees Celsius. Unlike products made from rubber, the Dschinni Closed Chamber System can also withstand glowing shisha charcoal.

The closed chamber system in a shisha is a design in which the air flow is directed vertically and laminarly into the bowl, which means that the stale smoke can be completely blown out of the bowl.

Technical details

The Closed Chamber System has the potential to revolutionize the shisha world. It combines the tradition of bygone times with the demands of the modern world and offers an improved smoking experience for everyone who loves this unique pleasure experience.

  • Diameter Armageddon: 55mm
  • Height Armageddon: 24mm
  • Diameter Bonnie and Clyde: 46mm
  • Height Bonnie and Clyde: 20mm
  • Diameter Stealth Bomber: 52mm
  • Height Stealth Bomber: 15mm


  • silicone
Bowl material:

Glass & smoke columns connection: