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Dschinni Phunnel Kopf Hellboy aus Ton in der Farbe Rot Braun. Es ist ein stehender und ein liegender Phunnel abgebildet. Das Dschinni Symbol ist zu sehen.
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Dschinni AMK Bowl Desert - Dschinni GmbH
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The shisha head: more than just a container

The shisha head, the main part of the water pipe, is much more than just a container for tobacco. It is the center where the magic of shisha smoking unfolds. Depending on the material, design and accessories, the smoking experience varies considerably. The type of bowl determines how the heat is distributed, how the tobacco burns and ultimately how the smoke tastes and feels.

Materials with character: glass, stone and more

Glass and stone heads are very popular, and for good reason. Glass bowls impress with their purity and ability to convey the taste unadulterated. Stone, on the other hand, retains heat excellently and enables even smoking over a longer period of time. Each material brings its own advantages and enriches the smoking experience in a unique way.

Adaptation to smoking style: chimney attachments, HMDs and aluminum foil

Choosing the right accessories for the shisha head can significantly influence the smoking experience. Chimney caps, Heat Management Devices (HMDs), and traditional aluminum foil offer various methods to regulate heat. While chimney caps allow for efficient heat distribution and protect the tobacco from direct contact with the coal, HMDs offer even more precise control of temperature. The use of aluminum foil, on the other hand, allows tailor-made heat adjustment by piercing individual holes.

Choosing the perfect shisha head

Choosing the ideal shisha head depends on personal preferences and the desired smoking experience. Here are some aspects that should play a role in the decision:

  • Material: Determines heat conduction and storage as well as taste.
  • Shape and size: Affect smoke development and draft.
  • Accessory Compatibility: Not every head is suitable for chimney attachments, HMDs or aluminum foil.
  • Design: Aesthetics can also be a deciding factor.

Expert tips for an optimal smoking experience

  • Testing different materials: The only way to find out which material best suits your preferences is to try them out.
  • Adjust accessories: Chimney attachments, HMDs and aluminum foil can improve the smoking experience. It's worth experimenting with different options.
  • Care of the shisha head: Regular cleaning extends the service life and preserves the pure taste.