Dschinni 25g Shisha Tobacco - Pistachio - Persian Pistachio, Vanilla

A tempting taste experience from the Orient

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The world of shisha enjoyment is diverse and rich in taste experiences that inspire the senses. One of these exciting flavors is the Dschinni 25g shisha tobacco with the tempting aroma of pistachio and Persian pistachio, combined with the sweet bourbon vanilla. This unique mix of two cultures promises a trip to the Orient that you won't forget.

Longer smoking time

Dschinni Tobacco is made with only high-quality flavors that do not evaporate after a short time to ensure a long smoking time.

Strong smoke development

Dschinni tobacco steams well and prevents it from burning quickly, ensuring a long smoking time.

Heat resistance

Genie Tobacco is heat resistant and vaporizes rather than burning to ensure optimal long smoking time.

Finest cut

Dschinni tobacco has a fine to medium cut without branches or coarse leaves, which guarantees a pleasant smoking experience.

Dschinni 25g Shisha Tobacco - Pistachio - Persian Pistachio, Vanilla

Overall, the Dschinni 25g Shisha Tobacco - Pistachio - Persian Pistachio, Vanilla is a real highlight for all shisha lovers. The combination of Persian pistachio, saffron and bourbon vanilla is a taste experience that enchants the senses and takes you on a culinary journey to the Orient. If you are looking for something new and exciting for your hookah, you should definitely give this tobacco a try.

  • 25g
  • pistachio
  • Vanilla
Type of tobacco:



Medium to fine


Why is Genie Tobacco the best on the market?

Dschinni Tabak has stood out from other brands by perfectly implementing the most important requirements for shisha tobacco. This includes high-quality flavors that don't evaporate quickly, excellent vapor performance and careful selection when cutting tobacco. More and more customers who have already had experience with Dschinni tobacco swear by its quality and make it the best tobacco on the market. The requirements for shisha tobacco are very easy to categorize and we have listed them here for you.

Our goal was to produce a tobacco that only uses high-quality flavors that are still tasty even after a long time. Our customers deserve only the best, which is why we want to convince them of our quality in the long term. Even after 1 1/2 hours the taste is still present and the tobacco smokes well. This is also worthwhile in terms of price, as you don't have to constantly build a new head.