Musthave 25g - Shisha Tabak Team Oran - Orange and Mandarin

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Experience the freshness - MUSTHAVE TEAM ORAN - orange and tangerine

Discover the exquisite taste of world-famous burley tobacco, hand-picked from seven different countries - USA, Brazil, Malawi, Argentina, Bangladesh, Spain and Italy. Each leaf carries the promise of an aroma that will refresh and invigorate your palate.

Brilliant flavors

MUSTHAVE TEAM ORAN is more than just shisha tobacco. It's a zesty experience of orange and tangerine that will invigorate your senses and make your taste buds dance. Feel the sweetness of the mandarin, which mixes perfectly with the fruity spiciness of the blood orange. It's like a sunny summer day in your mouth.

Perfection in every detail

With our unique multi-stage processing process, which is being used for the first time in the shisha industry, the tobacco develops its maximum flavor potential. The quality of our manufacturing process is reflected in every move.

  • Hand-picked tobacco from seven countries
  • Refreshing orange-tangerine aroma
  • Unique multi-stage processing process


Musthave 25g - Shisha Tabak Team Oran - Orange and Mandarin

  • 25g
  • Orange
  • tangerine
Type of tobacco: