Al Waha 20g - T&M Grape Mint

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25g Grape Mint from Al Waha Tabak: A delight from the heart of Jordan

Al Waha 25g Shisha Tobacco Grape Mint:

Discover the high-quality Al Waha tobacco: a pleasure from the heart of Jordan

Discover the premium Al Waha tobacco from Jordan, produced by the renowned Middle East Tobacco Company. Find out more about the gentle types of tobacco, the optimal blend of aromas and the sensual taste.


The Al Waha tobacco from the Middle East Tobacco Company from Jordan stands for quality, enjoyment and first-class taste. In this article you will learn everything about this high-quality hookah tobacco, which is made from light tobacco varieties and a perfect blend of aromas. Al Waha is a reputable manufacturer that has built a reputation for producing fine tobacco. Developed specifically for the German market, this tobacco not only meets the strict requirements of the German tobacco regulations, but also offers a sensual taste experience with a hint of fruitiness.

Discover the high quality Al Waha tobacco

Let's delve into the fascinating world of Al Waha tobacco and find out what makes it one of the most outstanding water pipe tobaccos on the market.

The Middle East Tobacco Company: A Tradition of Tobacco Growing

Jordan-based Middle East Tobacco Company has long been a pioneer in the tobacco industry. With decades of experience and dedication in the production of tobacco products, the company stands for the highest quality and innovation. This is also reflected in Al Waha tobacco, which is the result of expertise and passion.

The art of flavor mixing

The Al Waha tobacco is made from light tobacco varieties that are carefully selected to provide a smooth yet satisfying smoking experience. A center cut ensures optimal absorption of the aroma mixture, which infuses the tobacco with a unique and pleasant taste. The perfect balance between tobacco and aromas is the key to this extraordinary enjoyment experience.

A Touch of Excellence: The Reputation of Al Waha

Al Waha has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing fine tobacco. The brand prides itself on offering the highest quality tobacco that delights discerning smokers around the world. This reputation is based on a long tradition of tobacco production and a tireless pursuit of perfection.

A sensual pleasure for the German market

Al Waha understands the needs and experiences of different markets, and the German market is no exception. For this reason, a special recipe was developed that meets the strict requirements of the German tobacco regulations. At the same time, the sensual taste of the tobacco is preserved, seducing with a subtle fruitiness and a pleasant aroma.

Taste experiences: grape and mint

Al Waha offers a wide range of flavors that appeal to the senses and provide an unforgettable smoking experience. Two of the most popular flavors are grape and mint.

Grape: A hint of sweetness

The grape flavor of Al Waha tobacco is a real treat for the senses. The sweet and fruity notes give the smoking experience a pleasant depth and a touch of elegance. This flavor is perfect for relaxed evenings or social gatherings with friends.

Mint: freshness and invigoration

The mint note of Al Waha tobacco offers a refreshing change. The cool effect of mint invigorates the senses and gives the tobacco a pleasant lightness. This is a great option for hot days or if you are looking for a refreshing smoke.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What sets Al Waha tobacco apart?

Al Waha tobacco is characterized by its high-quality tobacco varieties and the perfect blend of aromas. This combination guarantees a first-class taste experience that discerning smokers will appreciate.

What flavors are available?

Al Waha offers a variety of flavors including grape and mint. These flavors are known for their quality and their ability to delight the senses.

Does Al Waha tobacco meet German regulations?

Yes, Al Waha tobacco meets the strict requirements of the German tobacco regulations. At the same time, however, it retains its sensual taste and high quality.

Why is Al Waha known for producing fine tobacco?

Al Waha has earned a reputation for producing fine tobacco through years of experience and dedication. The company attaches great importance to quality and innovation.

What role does the aroma mixture play in the taste of the tobacco?

The aroma mixture plays a crucial role in the taste of Al Waha tobacco. The middle cut of the tobacco ensures optimal absorption of the aromas, resulting in a unique and satisfying taste.

Are there other flavors to choose from?

Yes, Al Waha offers a wide range of flavors that appeal to different taste buds. From fruity to refreshing, there is something for everyone.

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Al Waha 20g - T&M Grape Mint

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