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Dschinni Sparrow Silber Shisha mit bunten abgepackten Mundstücken, Kohlezange und Schlauch mit Mundstück
Sold out
Dschinni Miklo Weiß Shisha mit Kohlezange, Schlauch, Mundstück, Kohleteller und Glaskopf mit Vulcan Air Kaminaufsatzk
Sale price€59,90
Save €5,00
Dschinni Mio Edelstahl Silber Shisha mit 4 Schlauchanschlüssen auf weißem Hintergrund
Sale price€184,90 Regular price€189,90
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Dschinni Miklo Schwarz Shisha mit Kohlezange, Schlauch, Mundstück, Kohleteller und Glaskopf mit Vulcan Air Kaminaufsatzk
Sale price€59,90
Dschinni Sparrow Silber Blow Off Set L - Dschinni GmbH
Dschinni Mio Edelstahl V4A Silber 2.0 4 Shisha Schlauchadapter-Set - Dschinni GmbH
Dschinni Aztec Shisha Set XL - Dschinni GmbH
Sale price€239,90
Dschinni Aztec Shisha Set L mit Candyhose Silber, Aluminium Mundstück Silber, Glaskopf Nero mit Kaminaufsatz Vulcan Air, Spitzzange Silber, Tabakgabel und Kopfadapter mit Silikonkopfdichtung auf weißem Hintergrund
Sale price€229,90
Dschinni Aztec Shisha mit Glaskopf und Kaminaufsatz Vulcan Air, Candyhose Silikonschlauch Silber, Hokus Pokus Mundstück und Edelstahl Kohlezange
Sale price€189,90
Dschinni Aztec Glas Shisha mit HMD The Crown, Glaskopf Apollon mit Mod, Candyhose Silikonschlauch Silber, Glas Mundstück und Edelstahlzange
Sale price€234,90
Dschinni Aztec Shisha mit 4 Schlauchadaptern auf weißem Hintergrund
Sale price€199,90

Discover the perfect stainless steel shisha for every use

Looking for the perfect stainless steel shisha that is modern, elegant and designed for continuous use? Then you are exactly right with us! Our range includes the best stainless steel shishas, ​​from small to large models, offering something to suit every taste and every budget. Regardless of whether you are looking for a stainless steel shisha with 4 connections for a cozy get-together with friends or prefer a compact one with 2 connections, you will find exactly what you are looking for with us.

Unique design and high quality workmanship

Our shishas are not only eye-catching thanks to their high-quality design in various colors such as rose gold, black, Venom or Purple Rain, but also due to their high-quality workmanship. The use of real stainless steel made from the 304 alloy and bowls made of crystal glass or high borosilicate glass (laboratory glass) promises durability and easy cleaning. Thanks to the latest CNC technology, our shishas are robust, rust-proof and ideal for intensive, continuous use in shisha bars or for long-term smokers.

Our unique selling point: V2A and V4A steel

Particularly noteworthy is our unique range of shishas made from V2A and V4A steel, which represents our unique selling point. These materials not only guarantee a long service life and robustness, but also an intense, genuine taste, as there are no deposits of aromas and the shisha is very easy to clean.

Flexibility and individual composition

For everyone who values ​​flexibility, we offer shisha sets or individual components that can be put together individually. Our modern click systems and threads, both fine and coarse, enable easy assembly and dismantling while at the same time ensuring a perfect seal.

Discover our offers and sales

Discover our shisha offers now and benefit from our sales promotions. Whether you need a travel shisha on the go or are looking for a stainless steel shisha under 100 euros, you will find it with us. Our range ranges from inexpensive models starting at 60 euros to premium large hookahs for 300 euros and more.

The ideal shisha for all tastes

Visit us and experience the ideal shisha for all tastes - ideal for private customers who want to try out different flavors without having to own a separate shisha for each taste. Choose between individual shishas to put together or let our professionals put together a finished set for you, including head set and hose set. With a stainless steel shisha from our range, you are well equipped to enjoy a long-lasting and enjoyable shisha experience