AINO Dark 25g - Grapefruit - Great Fruit

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AINO Dark - Great Frut

Discover the refreshing taste of AINO Dark - Great Frut, which brings you closer to the fruity aroma of grapefruit. This tobacco is ideal for anyone who craves a refreshing and fruity smoking experience. The taste is perfectly balanced, not too sweet and not too sour, but just right.

Refreshing grapefruit note

AINO Dark - Great Frut takes refreshing grapefruit to a whole new level. Every puff lets you feel the invigorating freshness of grapefruit. The perfect balance between sweetness and acidity makes this tobacco a real treat for your senses.

Made in Germany: quality and precision

Our AINO Dark - Great Frut tobacco is manufactured in Germany with the highest precision. We rely on strict quality controls to ensure that every tobacco meets our high standards. Trust in German craftsmanship and experience an incomparable smoking experience.

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AINO Dark 25g - Grapefruit - Great Fruit

  • 25g
  • Grapefruit
Type of tobacco: