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The manufacturer Argileh Tabak proudly presents: New 20g packs of the top sellers

There is exciting news to announce in the exciting world of hookah tobacco. The renowned manufacturer Argileh Tabak has brought its top sellers onto the market in brand new 20g packs. This innovation ensures that lovers of high-quality shisha tobacco can now enjoy the usual quality in a more compact packaging size. A highlight of this new line is undoubtedly the Argileh Tabak Chapo Laymon, which delights the taste buds of shisha enthusiasts with its refreshing lemon and ice taste (TPD2 compliant).

Fine cut, optimal moisture and masterful aromas

The Argileh Shisha tobacco has made a name for itself thanks to its fine cut, which enables a first-class smoking experience. Every pipe becomes a moment of enjoyment as the tobacco is distributed optimally, ensuring that it burns evenly. The optimal moisture content of the tobacco also helps ensure that the aromas can be perceived intensively and authentically. Argileh Tabak attaches particular importance to using only the highest quality and most natural flavors to guarantee an exceptional taste experience.

A palette of perfectly balanced flavors

The range of flavors presented in the new 20g packs is impressive. From fruity variations to refreshing mint notes, there is something for every taste. Particularly noteworthy is the Chapo Laymon tobacco, which promises a taste explosion in the mouth with its mix of tangy lemon and cooling ice taste. This unique combination makes the Chapo Laymon a favorite among shisha smokers.

Heat tolerance and versatility

Another advantage of the Argileh Tabak Chapo Laymon is its impressive heat tolerance. No matter which bowl building technique is preferred, this tobacco always delivers an optimal smoking experience. The aromas develop excellently even at lower temperatures, while the tobacco retains its consistency and does not lose quality. This versatility makes the Chapo Laymon an excellent choice for beginners and experienced hookah enthusiasts alike.

Conclusion: A pleasure for all senses

In summary, Argileh Tabak presents with its new 20g packs an exciting opportunity to experience the proven quality of their top sellers. The Chapo Laymon tobacco particularly stands out with its refreshing lemon and ice taste that invigorates the senses. The combination of fine cut, optimal moisture and masterful aromas makes this tobacco an enrichment for every shisha evening.

frequently asked Questions

1. Where can I buy the new 20g packs of Argileh Tabak? You can purchase the new packs at selected shisha shops or online. Be sure to choose authorized dealers to ensure the authenticity of the products.

2. Is the Chapo Laymon tobacco TPD2 compliant? Yes, the Chapo Laymon tobacco meets the requirements of the Tobacco Product Directive 2 (TPD2) and therefore guarantees the highest quality and safety.

3. What other flavors are available in the 20g packs? The 20g packs offer a variety of flavors including fruity, spicy and refreshing options to suit individual preferences.

4. Can I use the Argileh Tabak Chapo Laymon in different head building techniques? Yes, the tobacco is ideal for various bowl building techniques and delivers a first-class smoking experience every time.

5. Are there any special tips for storing the 20g packs? Store tobacco in a cool and dry place to preserve freshness and quality over the long term. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture.

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Argileh 20g - Chapo Laymon Shisha Tobacco Tobacco

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