Musthave 25g - Milric - sweet rice pudding

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Discover the MUSTHAVE Milric - the sweet rice pudding that awakens your senses

Immerse yourself in the world of MUSTHAVE Milric ! This exquisite shisha tobacco is exactly what you need for the cold season. The warm, sweet taste of hot rice pudding with sugar brings back childhood memories and gives every puff a feeling of well-being and comfort.

Why should you choose the MUSTHAVE Milric?

  • Worldwide Excellence : The MUSTHAVE tobacco is imported from 7 different countries - USA, Brazil, Malawi, Argentina, Bangladesh, Spain and Italy. Each source contributes to the unique variety of aromas.

  • Premium quality : The Burley tobacco used is of the highest quality and ensures a smooth, full smoke and an intense aroma.

  • Innovative processing : MUSTHAVE uses a multi-stage processing process. This approach allows the tobacco to be infused with maximum flavor, giving you an unparalleled smoking experience.

Let yourself be enchanted by the pleasant taste and the beautiful smoke development of the MUSTHAVE Milric. Treat yourself to this soothing mixture and experience how it invigorates your senses and increases your well-being.

Try now! Don't miss this opportunity, experience the MUSTHAVE Milric and let yourself be enchanted by its unique taste. Every puff is a step into a world full of flavors


Musthave 25g - Milric - sweet rice pudding

  • 25g
  • sweet rice pudding
Type of tobacco: