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What is a shisha chimney attachment?

A shisha chimney attachment is an essential accessory for your hookah. It is placed on the tobacco head and serves to distribute the heat better and dissipate excess heat. This leads to an improved smoking experience and more even heating of the tobacco.

Why should you buy a shisha chimney attachment?

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Diversity and quality

Whether you want a solo fireplace or a fireplace attachment , we have a wide range of models for you in our online shop. You can choose from different colors, whether chrome, gold, brass or cool stainless steel . With us you will find all fireplace attachments and smoke boxes in the usual high quality . We also offer these accessories in various price ranges, so there is something for every budget.

How does a shisha chimney attachment work?

You place the chimney attachment made of metal or stainless steel directly on the clay head. The excess heat is dissipated through the chimney pipe in the middle . With a smoke box , the temperatures can usually be regulated more easily and in stages. This has the advantage that you can individually control your smoking pleasure. When buying a chimney attachment or a shisha smoke box, make sure that the diameter is compatible with the size of your tobacco head.

Advantages of a Shisha chimney attachment

Time saving and practicality

Anyone who has ever used a chimney attachment will be reluctant to do without it. Compared to the classic attachment made of aluminum foil, a chimney attachment offers several advantages. One important advantage is the time saving : you don't have to spend a lot of time making an attachment out of aluminum foil before you can start smoking. Once assembled, you can use the practical shisha chimney again and again.

Better taste and less burning

Another important advantage is the better taste . Thanks to its design, the heat from a chimney attachment is drawn upwards much better than with a head made of aluminum foil thanks to the chimney effect. This means that the tobacco does not get as hot and burns much less often. The result: the smoke is less scratchy with a chimney head and the tobacco tastes much more pleasant and softer due to the even heat distribution.

What should you look for in a chimney cap?

In general, it doesn't matter which head you use with your shisha - chimney attachments fit vortex, multi-hole, phunnel and China heads . It is important that you make sure you choose an attachment of the right size. The chimney attachment should of course not be too small so that it can be placed on the head of the shisha. A chimney that is too large, on the other hand, means that the head is not sealed tightly, which means that air is drawn through the gap. This can make it difficult to draw or produce less smoke than with a well-fitting chimney attachment.

Fill the head of your shisha with tobacco as usual. Then put the chimney on top, making sure that the chimney attachment is straight and does not wobble so that the coal cannot fall off. The glowing coal is then placed on the chimney sieve. Now you have to wait a few minutes until the chimney attachment has heated up evenly before you can smoke the shisha briefly and then enjoy it.

Tips and tricks for perfect enjoyment

  1. Regular cleaning: A clean chimney cap ensures better heat distribution and a purer taste.
  2. Use high-quality charcoal: Use high-quality charcoal to keep the heat even and avoid flavor distortions.
  3. Correct placement: Make sure that the coal is placed correctly on the sieve and not too close to the tobacco to prevent it from burning.
  4. Experiment with the height of the chimney: Some shisha lovers find that a slightly higher chimney attachment improves the quality of the smoke.

With these tips and the right shisha chimney attachment, nothing stands in the way of your perfect smoking experience!