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In the Dschinni Shisha online shop you will find a wide selection of shisha mouthpieces that guarantee you a very personal smoking experience. Although hygienic mouthpieces are useful in large groups, a custom mouthpiece is a real upgrade to the smoking experience. Here in the online shop you can discover a variety of different mouthpieces that perfectly match your style and mood: glass mouthpieces, carbon mouthpieces, aluminum mouthpieces, ice cream mouthpieces or shisha mouthpieces made of stainless steel.

You can easily buy the mouthpieces online and create your own collection for little money so that you have the right mouthpiece for every occasion. It's also always cool to bring your own mouthpiece to a party, making sure you always have your favorite mouthpiece to use.


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Aluminium Hokus Pokus Mundst├╝ck - Schwarz - 1
OfferÔéČ5,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ9,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ3,40
Hygiene Mundst├╝cke Kurz (Beutelinhalt 50 St├╝ck Farbig) - 1
OfferÔéČ2,50 EUR Regular priceÔéČ5,90 EUR
Ice Bazooka Mundst├╝cke - mit Ersatzk├╝hlakku / Rot - 1
Offerab ÔéČ3,90 EUR
Carbon Mundst├╝ck - Ohne Schlauch - 1
Offerab ÔéČ13,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ29,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ5,00
Aluminium Mundst├╝cke - Gold / Normal - 1
OfferÔéČ4,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ9,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ10,00
Loco Mundst├╝ck Three (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - Rainbow -
OfferÔéČ14,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ24,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ5,00
Loco Fineliner Mundst├╝ck Seven (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) -
OfferÔéČ14,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ19,90 EUR
Straight Regular Spiral (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - 1
Spare ÔéČ10,00
Loco Mundst├╝ck Six (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - Purple Rain
OfferÔéČ14,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ24,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ10,00
Loco Mundst├╝ck One (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - Purple Rain
OfferÔéČ14,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ24,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ10,00
Loco Mundst├╝ck Two Klare Kristalloptik (High Borosilikatglas
Carbon Glasmundst├╝ck Fusion (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - 1
Offerab ÔéČ19,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ24,90 EUR
Sold out
Evil Spiral Mundst├╝ck (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - 1
Spare ÔéČ9,00
Amber Straight Mundst├╝ck (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - 1
OfferÔéČ5,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ14,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ4,40
Dschinni hygiene mouthpieces short (bag content 50 pieces colored)
OfferÔéČ2,50 EUR Regular priceÔéČ6,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ10,00
Two Fingers Mundst├╝ck (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - 1
OfferÔéČ9,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ19,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ10,00
Loco Mundst├╝ck Four (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - Purple Rain
OfferÔéČ14,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ24,90 EUR
Spare ÔéČ14,00
One Finger Mundst├╝ck (High Borosilikatglas 3.3) - 1
OfferÔéČ5,90 EUR Regular priceÔéČ19,90 EUR
Sold out
Dschinni Mr. T Three
OfferÔéČ6,90 EUR

Optimize your shisha experience with premium mouthpieces

Shisha mouthpieces: Perfect enjoyment with your individual mouthpiece

A top-class shisha experience begins with the right mouthpiece. This small element plays a crucial role in your comfort and enjoyment while smoking. The selection of materials for shisha mouthpieces is diverse - from glass to stainless steel to aluminum. The decision is yours.

Your uniqueness: Individual mouthpieces for maximum enjoyment

While hygienic mouthpieces are practical in a social setting, a personal mouthpiece gives your shisha ritual a unique touch. Numerous mouthpiece variants await you in the Dschinni Shisha online shop. Here you are sure to find the perfect piece that underlines your personality.

You can easily purchase these exclusive mouthpieces online and put together a special collection. After all, every day is different, and different situations, tobacco types, and moods call for different mouthpieces. It also makes an impression when you bring your own mouthpiece to a party, especially if hygienic mouthpieces are not available.

Variety in material and style: Dschinnis mouthpieces for every taste

Our online shop offers a wide selection of mouthpiece models made of different materials. The classically elegant aluminum mouthpieces from Dschinni are available in different colors and give your shisha a touch of sophistication. Also popular are the glass mouthpieces from Dschinni, which have been given subtle color accents.

An absolute highlight are the Dschinni Hookah Dschinni Carbon mouthpieces, which are available in a variety of colors. Ladies in particular will love the option of using a pink mouthpiece. And for those who like to gamble and love water pipes, we offer the ultimate gadget: the gamer hose mouthpiece allows you to fully concentrate on your game on the Xbox or Playstation while enjoying your shisha at the same time.

The ideal material for your shisha mouthpiece

Depending on the intended use, different materials are recommended for your mouthpiece. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different variants:

Glass mouthpiece:


    A glass mouthpiece offers a particularly pleasant smoking experience because it has no sharp edges.
  • The smooth surface hardly absorbs any taste, which ensures pure aromas.


  • Glass mouthpieces rarely survive a fall on the floor unscathed.

Stainless steel mouthpiece:


  • A stainless steel mouthpiece is extremely robust and almost indestructible .
  • The durability of the material ensures long-lasting enjoyment.
  • It looks perfect with any stainless steel shisha.


  • Stainless steel is heavier than aluminium, glass or carbon.

Carbon mouthpiece:


  • Carbon mouthpieces convince with their light weight and a high-quality feel.
  • The combination of carbon and stainless steel offers maximum durability.

Epoxy resin mouthpiece:


  • An epoxy resin mouthpiece is always unique and gives your shisha a personal touch.
  • Ideal for those looking for uniqueness.


  • The product may differ slightly from the product photos due to handmade individual pieces.

Aluminum mouthpiece:


  • Aluminum mouthpieces are usually lighter than stainless steel mouthpieces.
  • The price difference is significant, so aluminum mouthpieces are already available at affordable prices.


  • Aluminum is not as durable as carbon or stainless steel.

The role of the mouthpiece: more than just a handle

A shisha mouthpiece is not just a simple handle, but an extension of your smoking experience. It stabilizes your hold and allows for a comfortable smoke where you can sit back and relax - unlike pulling straight from the hose, which is uncomfortable and unthinkable.

Mouthpieces have a significant impact on the flow of your shisha. Choice of mouthpiece can affect draw resistance and smoke density. A flat, small-mouthed mouthpiece offers more resistance and produces dense smoke, while wide-mouthed, round mouthpieces allow for a smoother draw. Smooth-surfaced mouthpieces, such as glass, provide better flavor as the flavors don't stick.

Conclusion: your shisha mouthpiece, your style

The right shisha mouthpiece is more than just an accessory - it is an extension of your personality and your pleasure experience. The variety of materials and styles gives you the opportunity to select your individual mouthpiece and thus take your shisha experience to the next level. Visit the Dschinni Shisha Online Shop to discover the perfect complement for your shisha and to intensify your smoking experience.