Al Fakher 25g - Shisha Tobacco Double Crunch Double Apple

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Doppelapple by Al Fakher: The classic shisha tobacco

In the world of shisha tobacco, Al Fakher is a brand that has stood for top quality and outstanding taste since 1999. With the famous double apple aroma, Al Fakher has created a classic that delights shisha smokers worldwide. In this article, we delve into the history, quality and unique features of Al Fakher Double Apple Shisha Tobacco.

The story behind the double apple classic

Since its founding in 1999, Al Fakher has significantly shaped the world of shisha tobacco. The double apple flavor is a trademark that has made the brand famous. The recipe of this flavor is based on a harmonious blend of French and Indian Virginia tobacco. This carefully selected combination gives Al Fakher double apple its unique and unmistakable taste.

Quality and tradition since 1999

Al Fakher is more than just a shisha tobacco brand – it is a synonym for quality and tradition. The double apple tobacco from Al Fakher is an example of classic shisha smoking. The brand has won a permanent place in the hearts of shisha smokers over the years and is known worldwide for its excellent quality.

A variety of flavors for every setup

A key advantage of Al Fakher is the wide range of flavors they offer. Although the double apple classic particularly stands out, Al Fakher offers a wealth of high-quality flavors that are suitable for every shisha setup. Whether you prefer fruity, refreshing or exotic flavors, Al Fakher has something to suit every taste.

Long-lasting smoking pleasure

The Al Fakher double apple shisha tobacco is characterized by its exceptionally long smoking time. This allows you to enjoy relaxed shisha sessions without having to constantly refill with new tobacco. The optimal moisture content of the tobacco also helps the tobacco burn evenly and release an intense aroma.

The ultimate pleasure for shisha smokers

The experience of smoking shisha is taken to a new level with Al Fakher double apple tobacco. The quality, taste and durability make it the first choice for shisha smokers who value a high-quality and authentic experience. It's no wonder that Al Fakher has been considered the epitome of excellent shisha tobacco worldwide for many years.


The Al Fakher double apple shisha tobacco is more than just tobacco - it is a journey into the world of intense aromas and relaxed enjoyment. Since 1999, Al Fakher has continually offered top quality and unparalleled taste. If you are a shisha smoker looking for the best, you should definitely try Al Fakher Double Apple Tobacco.

frequently asked Questions

  1. Where is the Al Fakher double apple shisha tobacco made?

    The Al Fakher double apple shisha tobacco has been produced in Ajman since 1999.

  2. Which types of tobacco are Al Fakher's classics?

    Al Fakher's classics are double apple and grape.

  3. What distinguishes the Al Fakher double apple tobacco?

    The Al Fakher double apple tobacco impresses with its high quality, long smoking time and optimal moisture content.

  4. Are there any special delivery instructions for the Al Fakher double apple tobacco?

    The tobacco is delivered double zipped and is ready to smoke, no moistening is necessary.

  5. What restrictions are there on sales and shipping?

    The sale is not made to young people under the age of 18 and there is no shipping abroad. Payment with PayPal is also not possible.

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Al Fakher 25g - Shisha Tobacco Double Crunch Double Apple

  • 25g
  • Anis / Doppelapfel
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