AINO Dark 25g - ice cream, guava - OHA

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variety: OHA
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Experience the refreshing fusion of ice and guava with AINO Dark - OHA. This tobacco takes your senses into a world of coolness and exotic fruitiness. The burley tobacco gives the smoke a pleasant sweetness and ensures an intense taste experience.

The refreshing combination of ice and guava

AINO Dark - OHA is a feast for your senses. The refreshing cold of the ice combines harmoniously with the exotic sweetness of the guava. Every puff is an adventure for your sense of taste and promises an intense smoking experience that you won't soon forget.

Made in Germany: quality and purity

Our AINO Dark - OHA tobacco is made with proud craftsmanship in Germany. We rely on the highest quality standards and absolute purity in production. Trust in German precision and enjoy a tobacco that stands for quality.

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AINO Dark 25g - ice cream, guava - OHA

  • 25g
  • Ice
  • Guava
Type of tobacco: