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Ultra Grip Silikonkopfdichtung - 1
Silikonkopfdichtung - 1
Schlauch Endstücke - 14.4 / Schwarz - 1
Sale price€4,90

2 colors available

Rauchsäule Dschinni Baba Spider - Dschinni GmbH
Sale price€19,90

7 colors available

Bowl O-Ringe Dichtungsringe - 1
Dichtungsring für Schlauchadapter (9 Stück) - 1
Dschinni Tauchrohr Skyline 2.0 - Dschinni GmbH
Sale priceFrom €29,90

2 colors available

Rauchsäule Baba Crystal - Transparent - 2

7 colors available

Rauchsäule Dschinni Skyline 1.0/2.0 - Dschinni GmbH

3 colors available

Dschinni Shisha Twisted Glas Schlauchadapter 14.4 - Dschinni GmbH
Dschinni BLOW OFF Adapter 18.8 Schliff
Ersatz Glas Rauchsäule Dschinni Baba Iron Phoenix - Dschinni GmbH
Glaswechselschliffadapter - 1
Tauchrohrdichtung Rookie/Flexx - 1
Tauchrohr Mezra/Botan/Mio - 1
Dschinni Tauchrohr Compact Marlon - Dschinni GmbH
Sale price€29,90
Sold out
Ersatz Glas Rauchsäule Dschinni Baba Iron Transparent - Dschinni GmbH
Sold out
Ersatz Glas Rauchsäule Dschinni Baba Iron White - Dschinni GmbH

Original shisha spare parts for a long shisha life

Welcome to the world of high-quality hookah accessories at Dschinni Shisha, your one-stop shop for everything that enriches your hookah experience. Our carefully curated collection includes a wide range of accessories that are essential for every shisha lover. From durable charcoal lighters and efficient cleaning kits to stylish mouthpieces and robust hoses, we have everything to make your shisha sessions a complete pleasure. Every product in our offering reflects our commitment to quality and design. With our accessories you can not only improve the performance of your shisha, but also add a personal touch that enhances your style. Whether you are an experienced smoker or a newbie, our accessories ensure that every shisha session is flawless and enjoyable. At Dschinni Shisha, discover a variety of shisha accessories that combine functionality, aesthetics and quality.