Dschinni Shisha head seal silicone Ultra Grip for glass, stone and clay heads

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  • The ultimate hold for every shisha head: Dschinni universal head gasket made of silicone with Ultra Grip for clay, stone and glass bowls


    Every shisha smoker knows the challenges with ordinary head gaskets. Over time they become porous, offer little support and melt at the slightest touch of heat. But now there is a solution - the unique Dschinni universal head gasket made of silicone with Ultra Grip. In this article we will present the benefits and features of this revolutionary head gasket that offers the perfect fit in all conditions.

    Food grade silicone for health and safety

    The raw material of this head gasket is a heat-resistant and food-safe silicone. Unlike cheap alternatives, this material does not contain any chemical additives that could evaporate when heated and release harmful substances that harm the lungs. With the Genie universal head gasket, shisha smokers can enjoy peace of mind as they can ensure that no harmful substances are released.

    Innovative design and function

    The innovative and proprietary design of the Dschinni universal head gasket allows the head to be attached to any hookah while the slats act like barbs. This special construction makes this head unique in use and ensures an uncompromising seal. No matter whether it is stone, clay or especially glass heads, this silicone head gasket fits every head and can be used universally.

    Extreme hold thanks to the special material

    The material used offers a grip like no other and ensures that the heads do not fall off the seal. Thanks to the Ultra Grip, the tobacco bowl stays securely in place, ensuring an undisturbed shisha experience. The silicone slats build up enormous resistance when you put the head on, resulting in a rock-solid hold.

    Heat resistance for worry-free enjoyment

    The Dschinni universal head gasket made of silicone is heat-resistant up to 700 degrees. This means that even glowing shisha charcoal cannot harm the robust material. Even if the coal accidentally slips onto the plate, the seal will not melt away, as might be the case with comparable alternatives.

    No unpleasant smell

    Since this is food-grade silicone, there is no unpleasant plastic smell that can occur with inferior seals. With the Dschinni universal head gasket you can enjoy the pure taste of shisha tobacco, without any annoying smells.

    Dschinni head gasket silicone Shisha Ultra Grip: stability and functionality

    The Dschinni head gasket silicone Shisha Ultra Grip combines all the features you could want from a head gasket. The heat resistance up to 700 degrees protects against damage caused by glowing coal and ensures a long service life for the seal. The food-safe silicone ensures health and safety when enjoying shisha.

    The seal's cylindrical design and slats create a resistance hook that ensures a firm hold and a perfect seal. Thanks to the slats, the molasses is stopped in good time so that it does not seep into the smoke column. The best way to attach the tobacco head is to turn and press on the seal to ensure maximum stability.

    Advantages of the Dschinni head gasket silicone Shisha Ultra Grip

    • High heat resistance prevents the seal from melting when exposed to glowing coals.
    • Food-safe silicone ensures shisha enjoyment that is harmless to your health.
    • No toxic chemicals that could affect the taste of the tobacco.
    • Slats act like barbs and catch the molasses to prevent seepage.
    • Non-slip silicone prevents heads from falling off the seal.


    The Dschinni universal silicone head gasket with Ultra Grip is the ideal solution for any shisha smoker looking for a head that combines stability, functionality and safety. The heat resistance up to 700 degrees, the food-safe silicone and the innovative design make this head gasket an indispensable accessory for every shisha head.


    Question 1: Does the Dschinni head gasket fit all shisha models?

    Answer: Yes, thanks to the innovative design, the seal can be attached to any shisha.

    Question 2: Is the silicone of the seal odorless?

    Answer: Yes, because it is food grade silicone, there is no unpleasant smell.

    Question 3: Can the seal melt under high heat?

    Answer: No, the silicone is heat-resistant up to 700 degrees and does not melt.

    Question 4: What is the best way to install the head gasket?

    Answer: The gasket should be placed on the head by twisting and pressing to ensure a firm hold.

    Question 5: Does the seal also fit glass heads?

    Answer: Yes, the Genie universal silicone head gasket with Ultra Grip fits all types of heads


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  • Food grade silicone
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