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African Queen from O's Tobacco Shisha tobacco: Discover the variety of 18 flavors

When it comes to high-quality tobacco made in Germany, O's Tobacco is a brand that stands out for its excellent quality and incredibly good flavors. One of their most notable products is the "African Queen" tobacco, which seduces the senses with its variety of 18 different aromas. In this article we will take a closer look at this tobacco and find out why it is so special.

The magic of O's Tobacco African Queen

Origin and quality

The "African Queen" tobacco from O's Tobacco is proud to be made in Germany. The brand places great emphasis on quality and uses carefully selected Virginia Class 1 tobacco leaves to provide an unparalleled smoking experience.

Variety of flavors

With no less than 18 different flavors, the "African Queen" tobacco is a real taste explosion. From fruity nuances to spicy blends, this tobacco offers a wide range of options to suit individual preferences.

Fine cut

The fine cut of the tobacco enables even distribution when stuffing and ensures a pleasant smoke development. This means you can enjoy every train to the fullest.

Ready to smoke and comfortable

The "African Queen" tobacco is already ready to smoke, which means that no laborious moistening is required. This makes it a convenient choice for smokers looking for instant gratification.

The enjoyment factor

Unique taste experiences

Every draw of O's Tobacco "African Queen" is an adventure for the palate. The combination of high-quality tobacco and carefully balanced flavors offers a taste experience that is second to none.

Made in Germany quality

Manufacturing in Germany not only guarantees the highest quality, but also strict standards in terms of cultivation and processing. This is reflected in every move.

Responsible enjoyment

Age restriction

It is important to emphasize that the sale of "African Queen" tobacco to young people under the age of 18 is prohibited. O's Tobacco is committed to responsible use of its products.

No shipping abroad

To ensure that the tobacco only ends up in the hands of adult connoisseurs, O's Tobacco does not offer shipping abroad.


O's Tobacco "African Queen" is more than just tobacco. It is a journey through exotic flavors and incomparable enjoyment. Made in Germany, this tobacco offers a unique combination of quality, taste and responsibility. If you are looking for an exceptional smoking experience, you should discover the variety of 18 flavors with O's Tobacco.

frequently asked Questions

Where can I buy O's Tobacco African Queen?

O's Tobacco products are available in selected tobacco shops and online shops. Make sure you buy from reputable dealers to ensure authenticity.

What is African Queen's most popular flavor?

The popularity of the flavors may vary as it depends heavily on individual preferences. Try out different flavors to discover your personal favorite flavor.

Are there any special tips for stuffing tobacco?

For the best smoking experience, make sure to pack the tobacco evenly to ensure optimal air circulation.

Does tobacco contain nicotine?

Yes, as with most tobacco products, the "African Queen" tobacco also contains nicotine. Make sure to consume responsibly.

Can I buy tobacco abroad?

No, O's Tobacco does not offer international shipping to ensure that their products are only sold in countries where this is legally permitted.

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O's Doobacco 25g - African Queen

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