Various replacement valve balls for multiple hose shisha 6-12mm

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material: Glass
Quantity and size: 2 x 8mm with 14mm stopper
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Dschinni various shisha replacement valve balls in different sizes and materials for many shishas

Shishas are popular water pipes used to enjoy aromatic tobacco. When smoking with friends, a well-functioning shisha is essential. The valve ball is an important part of a shisha as it is placed between the sleeve and the joint and seals the air flow when pulled. In this article we will look at the different sizes and materials of Dschinni Shisha replacement valve balls and what features they have.

1. The importance of the valve ball

The valve ball is a small but essential element in the hookah. It ensures that the smoker can draw smoke without air escaping in unwanted places. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

2. The compatibilities and sizes

The technical data of the shisha states which size and type of valve ball is required. It is important to choose the right size for your own hookah to ensure an optimal seal.

2.1. Glass valve balls

Glass valve balls are known to be heavier and therefore provide a better seal. They offer excellent airtightness and ensure efficient smoking. They are particularly suitable for smokers who value a dense shisha.

2.2. polymer balls

Compared to glass valve balls, polymer balls are lighter and have a slightly lower density. This can make it easier to blow out the smoke from the hookah. They are a good option for those who prefer a more casual smoking experience.

3. Choosing the right material

The decision for the right material depends on your individual smoking behavior. If you prefer a hookah with a strong seal, a glass valve ball is your best choice. However, if you want to make it easier to blow out the smoke, polymer balls may be a better option.

4. Replacement balls for your shisha

It can happen that the valve ball of a hookah gets lost or damaged. In such cases it is important to have spare balls on hand. Dschinni offers different sizes of replacement balls that are suitable for different shisha models. This way you can ensure that you always have a working valve ball available.

5. Conclusion

The valve ball may be a small component, but its importance to the shisha smoking experience should not be underestimated. The right size and material can make a big difference. Whether you choose a glass valve ball or a polymer ball depends on your personal preferences. However, one thing is certain - a well-functioning valve ball ensures a carefree and enjoyable shisha experience.

6. FAQs

6.1. What size do I need for my shisha?

The correct size of the valve ball is specified in the technical data of the shisha. There you will find information about the right replacement balls.

6.2. Are glass valve balls better than polymer balls?

Glass valve balls provide a better seal, while polymer balls make it easier to blow out smoke. The choice depends on your individual preferences.

6.3. Can I buy replacement balls for my shisha?

Yes, Dschinni offers different sizes of replacement balls that are suitable for different shisha models.

6.4. How often should I replace the valve ball on my shisha?

It is recommended to check the valve ball regularly and replace it if damaged or worn.

6.5. Can I replace the valve ball myself?

Yes, replacing the valve ball is usually straightforward and can be done by the hookah owner themselves.


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