AINO Dark 25g - Mandarin - Tngrn Dream Fruity mandarin

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Fruity mandarin

The AINO Dark - Tngrn Dream takes you into a unique taste experience with an intense hint of tangerine. Each puff reveals the pleasant sweetness and fruity character of freshly squeezed tangerines, invigorating your senses and putting a smile on your face. The pleasant taste provides a comfortable smoking experience for both newbies and experienced smokers.

German quality: High quality Burley tobacco

Made in Germany, the AINO Dark - Tngrn Dream tobacco guarantees consistent quality and excellence. The basis of this premium tobacco is Burley tobacco, which is known for its outstanding quality and fine flavors. Trust in German craftsmanship and enjoy a product that is manufactured under the strictest quality controls.

Discover the AINO range: diverse worlds of taste

AINO always surprises its customers with a variety of flavor options. In addition to the Tngrn Dream, the AINO Dark series also offers other seductive varieties such as Black with an intense blackberry flavor or Great Frut, which impresses with its refreshing grapefruit aroma. Discover the diverse product range and find your favorite for an incomparable smoking experience.

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AINO Dark 25g - Mandarin - Tngrn Dream Fruity mandarin

  • 25g
  • tangerine
Type of tobacco: