Genie coal pliers needle nose pliers

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Shisha tongs 22cm Purple Rain for natural coal tobacco stainless steel

When it comes to the ultimate hookah experience, having the right tools is essential. One of the most important additions to your hookah equipment is undoubtedly the hookah tongs with teeth. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this practical accessory and find out why it's an absolute must-have for every shisha lover.

1. Introduction: The importance of the right equipment

Before we dive into the details, it's important to understand the role of the right equipment in a top-notch hookah experience. From selecting high-quality tobacco varieties to proper charcoal placement, every element helps maximize the enjoyment of your hookah.

2. The versatile shisha tongs: an overview

The hookah tongs with teeth are a versatile tool specifically designed for handling hookah charcoal and tobacco. Its ergonomic curved shape allows for effortless handling and ensures that your hand strength is used optimally.

2.1 Practical coal transport

The main purpose of these tongs is to place the shisha charcoal on the shisha head and move it when necessary. The tongs with their tooth-like ends ensure a secure grip and prevent the coal from accidentally slipping off.

2.2 Types of tobacco and aluminum foil perfection

In addition to their role in coal transport, the tongs are ideal for handling various types of tobacco. Their pointed ends make it possible to pierce holes in the aluminum foil and place the tobacco precisely in the bowl.

3. Durability and quality

The shisha tongs with teeth are characterized by their extreme longevity. Made from thick, rust-proof stainless steel, it is a robust companion for many shisha sessions. This high-quality workmanship guarantees that the pliers do not wear out even with regular use.

4. Comfortable handling

The handling of the coal tongs is the focus of its development. With an optimal fit for your hand, it sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Even when in direct contact with hot coals, the tongs do not heat up, making them safe and comfortable to use.

5. Stylish and practical: an eye-catcher for shisha fans

In addition to their functionality, the shisha tongs with teeth also impress with their elegant design. The solid appearance gives every shisha enthusiast a professional look and adds to the overall experience.


    With its handy size of 22cm in length and a weight of just 56g, you can easily store the slim tool in your bag and use it on the go

    The tobacco tongs are super comfortable to hold. It is made of chrome-plated cast iron, which means that it does not heat up significantly even when gripping hot coals

    The needle-nose pliers are also suitable for poking holes in the aluminum foil or for grabbing the shisha tobacco for head construction and placing it in the head

    The purpose of the charcoal tongs is primarily to place your shisha charcoal on the shisha head and to relocate it if necessary

    Technical details

    In summary, the hookah tongs with teeth are not only practical and functional, but also add a touch of style and elegance to your hookah sessions. With its durability, versatility and convenient handling, it is an essential tool for every shisha enthusiast.

    Dschinni Kohle Zange Spitzzange - Dschinni GmbH
    Genie coal pliers needle nose pliers Sale price€1,90 Regular price€2,40
    Dschinni Kohle Zange Spitzzange - Dschinni GmbH
    Genie coal pliers needle nose pliers Sale price€1,90 Regular price€2,40

    Size: 22cm



    • Chrome plated cast iron
    Bowl material:

    Glass & smoke columns connection: