Genie Headoff HMD Smokebox Screen

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Dschinni Headoff Smokebox Silver Screen HMD - The ideal solution for an intensive shisha experience


The Dschinni Headoff Smokebox Silver Screen HMD is a high-quality accessory for all shisha lovers who value controlled heat and an intense taste experience. In this article, we will look at the outstanding features and benefits of this smokebox and why it is a perfect addition for all hookah enthusiasts.

1. Perfect for phunnels and multi-hole heads

The Dschinni Smokebox is specially designed for Phunnels, but is also ideal for other Dschinni models that can be found under the “Dschinni Phunnels & Multi-Hole Heads” section. No matter which head you prefer, with the Dschinni Headoff Smokebox you can enjoy an optimal smoking experience.

2. Even heat distribution

The advantage of this HMD is the controlled and even distribution of heat on the tobacco. This allows for a long smoking session while the flavor remains intense and genuine. The Dschinni Smokebox comes into its own particularly with tobacco varieties with a higher nicotine content, such as Dark Leaf tobacco varieties.

3. Easy temperature control

Thanks to the Dschinni Headoff Smokebox, the smoke development can be individually controlled. The temperatures can be regulated more easily and gradually, giving you full control over your shisha experience.

4. Dishwasher safe and durable

The Genie Smokebox is manufactured to a high quality and is dishwasher safe. This means that you can simply clean it in the dishwasher after each shisha session without damaging it. This means it stays in perfect condition for a long time and gives you many enjoyable moments.

5. Recommended use with armored film

To achieve the best possible result with the Dschinni Headoff Smokebox, we recommend using armored film. Pull the Genie armored film over the phunnel and place the screen with the coal on it. This prevents the tobacco from overcooking and creates enough space between the tobacco and the coal.


The Dschinni Headoff Smokebox Silver Screen HMD is an indispensable accessory for every shisha connoisseur who appreciates an intense and controlled smoking experience. With its even heat distribution, easy temperature control and dishwasher safe, it is the perfect addition to any shisha session.


    The advantage of this HMD is that the heat is controlled and evenly distributed to the tobacco

    Thanks to Genie's high-quality workmanship, the attachment is dishwasher safe

    Our Dschinni Headoff HMD shines with its long smoking time and an intense taste experience

    Smoke development can be individually controlled
    Temperatures can be regulated more easily and gradually

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