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Dschinni Arabica: The revolution in the shisha concept that continues to this day

The world of shisha smoking has changed a lot over time. From the traditional variants common decades ago to modern innovations, one of the most notable changes was ushered in by the introduction of Genie Arabica. This shisha masterpiece not only changed the appearance and functionality of hookahs, but also ushered in an era of shisha enjoyment that continues to this day.

A new era of shisha smoking

When the Dschinni Arabica first came onto the market, the shisha landscape was dominated by the classic shisha models with their characteristic three bubbles in the bowl and the column of smoke. Differences were mostly limited to the colors of the bowls, and the possibility of modifying and expanding the shishas was limited. This presented a challenge that had to be overcome.

The birth of the Genie Arabica

Dschinni, a company with a passion for hookahs and innovation, wanted to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. The result of this vision was the Genie Arabica. This hookah represented a groundbreaking marriage between traditional aesthetics and modern performance.

The breakthrough

The introduction of Genie Arabica was a turning point in the shisha world. Even retailers who were initially skeptical were overwhelmed by customer enthusiasm. Arabica proved to be a real game changer and opened up a wealth of possibilities for shisha lovers. For the first time, you could walk through the shelves of hookah shops and see something unique - a gold hookah that stood out and attracted attention.

Tradition and modernity in perfect harmony

What set the Dschinni Arabica apart from other shisha models was the successful combination of traditional elements and modern technology. The smoke column and the bowl have been redesigned, moving away from the conventional three bubbles towards innovative shapes and materials. These changes not only allowed for an improved smoking experience, but also gave the hookah a unique look that combined tradition and modernity.

The consequences of the revolution

The introduction of Genie Arabica sparked a revolution in the shisha market. Other manufacturers were inspired to develop new designs and concepts that went beyond traditional boundaries. Suddenly there was a plethora of options when it came to choosing a hookah. Different smoke columns, bowls and materials opened up countless possibilities for personalized enjoyment.

The development and end of an era

Over time, the demands of shisha enthusiasts changed. The original Genie Arabica, while a significant milestone, has been overtaken by new innovations. The zinc alloy from which it was made proved susceptible to oxidation, which limited the hookah's lifespan. Today, Arabica is no longer available, but its legacy lives on in the many hookahs inspired by this groundbreaking concept.


The Genie Arabica was undoubtedly a game changer in the world of hookahs. It brought together tradition and modernity in a fascinating way, leading to a revolution in the market. Although Arabica is no longer produced, its influence is still felt, having opened the door to creative innovations that have taken shisha enjoyment to a new level.

frequently asked Questions

  1. Is the Genie Arabica still made? No, the Genie Arabica is no longer manufactured as it has been replaced by newer models.

  2. What materials were used for the Genie Arabica? The Genie Arabica was made from a zinc alloy, but this is no longer used due to oxidation problems.

  3. Are there spare parts for the Genie Arabica? Spare parts for the Genie Arabica are difficult to find, except from specialized suppliers.

  4. Has the Genie Arabica changed the shisha design? Yes, the Dschinni Arabica has revolutionized shisha design with its innovative smoke column and bowl shape.

  5. What role does the Genie Arabica play today? Although no longer commercially available, Genie Arabica has had a lasting influence on the shisha industry and inspired new developments.


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