AUPO Crystal Bar 600 Disposable Vape - Grape E-Cigarette E-Shisha

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CRYSTAL BAR Vapes | Disposable e-cigarettes | Now at Genie!

Discover the latest trends on the disposable e-cigarette market - in our tobacco store! Our brand new vapes from CRYSTAL BAR not only look fabulous, but also impress with their inner values. But it is the extraordinary design that particularly attracts everyone's attention - a unique metallic-transparent look with clear, vibrant colors that have never been seen before. The CRYSTAL BAR vapes are definitely an absolute eye-catcher!

Despite the futuristic appearance, the operation remains simple and simple, like all usual disposable e-cigarettes. Grab it now and experience the extraordinary design and great performance of the CRYSTAL BAR vapes - exclusively in our tobacco store!

Properly dispose of disposable e-cigarettes after use.

Shipping of tobacco products is only available within Germany!


AUPO Crystal Bar 600 Disposable Vape - Grape E-Cigarette E-Shisha

  • 2ml
  • Nicotine content: 20 mg/ml
  • grape
Type of tobacco:


Number of trains:

approx. 600


More details:

550mAh battery