Traditional leather coffee house hose with wooden mouthpiece

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Dschinni Traditional Coffee House Hose: The Secret to a Perfect Smoking Experience


Enjoying a shisha is not just about the taste of the tobacco, but also about the entire experience. An essential part of this experience is the hose. In this article, we take a closer look at the traditional coffeehouse hose and discover how it intensifies and perfects the smoking experience.

The importance of the hose

The choice of tube can have a significant impact on how the flavor of the tobacco is perceived. A high-quality hose is particularly important for varieties such as double apple and grape mint, which are known for their intense aromas.

The secret of the traditional coffee house tube

The traditional double apple coffee house hose from Dschinni is characterized by its unique ability to retain the aroma and oil of the tobacco. This special material reacts with the components of the tobacco and thus enhances the smoking experience. The result is a more intense and refined flavor palette throughout the entire smoke.

Individuality through dedicated use

To get the most out of the traditional coffee house hose, it is advisable to only use it for a specific type of tobacco. This is because the flavors can get deposited in the tube's memory, which could lead to the flavors mixing. This way you can ensure that every smoking experience is authentic and genuine.

The role of the material

The traditional coffee house hose from Dschinni is made of high-quality goat leather. This material has proven itself over centuries and is known for its ability to optimally enhance certain flavors. The quality of the goatskin comes into its own, particularly with tobacco varieties such as double apple and grape mint.

Detailed workmanship

The end of the hose is made of real wood and fits seamlessly into various hose connections. The easy-grip mouthpiece at the front end of the hose helps enhance the flavor even more. The inner spiral of the hose is made of two-layer leather, which prevents rust and ensures the longevity of the hose.

Perfection takes time

It takes a little patience and a few smoking sessions to perfectly smoke the traditional coffee house hose. After about 2-3 bowls, the tube's full potential unfolds and the smoking experience becomes even more intense.

Care instructions

While the traditional coffee house hose is an addition to the smoking experience, it is important to note that leather hoses are not washable. If dark spots appear, this indicates condensation accumulation and timely replacement is advisable to maintain the quality of smoking.

The advantages at a glance

The traditional double apple coffee house hose offers a number of advantages:

  • High-quality leather and first-class workmanship
  • Intense smoking experience through aroma storage
  • Perfect for lovers of double apple tobacco


    The traditional coffee house hose made of real goat leather is handmade in Turkey and is ideal for smoking double apple or grape mint

    High-quality goatskin combined with real wood for a real traditional shisha experience

    The material reacts with the aroma and oil of the double apple and stores it so that the aroma is intensified and perfected when smoked

    You need 2-3 bowls until the tube is smoked perfectly and the taste becomes more intense

    Technical details

    The right hose can have a significant impact on the hookah experience. The traditional double apple coffee house hose from Dschinni offers the opportunity to take the taste of tobacco to a new level. With high quality material, careful craftsmanship and unique flavor retention, this hose is an essential accessory for anyone who wants to get the most out of their smoking experience.

    • Length: 200cm
    • Mouthpiece length: 51 cm
    • Handle diameter: 34 mm
    • End piece diameter: 13.5 mm
    • Long: 2000mm
    • Mouthpiece length: 620 mm
    • Hose connection diameter: 15 mm


    • Goatskin
    • Palle
    Bowl material: