Genie Skyline Vogue Special Edition Shisha made of glass

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The Genie Skyline: A masterpiece of elegance and functionality in the 21st century

The Dschinni Skyline is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable hookahs of the 21st century. With its futuristic look and graceful height, it has secured a well-deserved place among the icons of the shisha world. But it's not just the exterior that impresses, but also the outstanding elegance and functionality. This glass shisha, manufactured by Dschinni, combines the highest quality materials with durability and has quickly established itself as a flagship in the shisha market.

Futuristic looks meet elegant height

The Genie Skyline bears its name with pride because it is actually reminiscent of the famous skylines of Manhattan. With its glass fronts it gives the impression of a huge glass building. The harmonious combination of design and functionality gives it a fascinating aesthetic that attracts attention.

The features that inspire

High quality borosilicate glass for ultimate robustness

The Skyline is made from high-quality, extremely thick-walled high borosilicate glass 3.3. This glass material defines the quality of Dschinni Shishas and raises them far above average in terms of thickness and value. Unlike some other manufacturers who justify their prices with high-quality glass, Dschinni actually offers first-class quality.

Technology from space exploration

The choice of high borosilicate glass 3.3 is not a random decision. This glass is used not only in the laboratory sector, but also in space research. It is heat-resistant and extremely robust. This glass material not only ensures durability but also hygiene as it is easy to clean.

Perfectly coordinated proportions

The skyline impresses with its proportions, which are reminiscent of an hourglass. Both static and dynamic shapes are harmoniously coordinated and give the shisha a breathtaking look.

Unique hose connection for perfect passage

A notable innovation of the Dschinni Skyline is the direct hose connection to the bowl. This unique approach enables perfect draft and optimal smoke development. The smoke is drawn away directly above the surface of the water, providing an incomparable pleasure.

Quality and cleaning convenience combined

Neutral taste and antibacterial effect

The high borosilicate glass gives the Skyline a neutral taste characteristic, which is particularly advantageous when different flavors are to be enjoyed. The antibacterial effect of the glass guarantees a hygienic smoking experience.

Easy cleaning and heat resistance

Cleaning the Skyline is easy as all glass parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The glass is also heat-resistant, but this does not protect against extreme heat.

Handling tips

Caution is advised when using, especially with glass plates. This is heat-resistant, but can crack if handled improperly. It is recommended not to place the coals on the glass plate for a long time.

Conclusion and FAQs

The Dschinni Skyline is undoubtedly a remarkable shisha that impresses with its elegance, functionality and high-quality materials. Their unique features make them the perfect choice for hookah enthusiasts looking for the highest quality.


  1. What is the best way to clean the Genie Skyline? The Skyline can be easily cleaned with boiling water. We also recommend using Schmandweg for thorough cleaning.

  2. Is the high borosilicate glass really heat-resistant? Yes, the glass is heat-resistant, but extreme heat can cause tension.

  3. Can I clean the glass parts in the dishwasher? Yes, all Skyline glass segments can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

  4. How do I avoid cracks in the glass? Be careful with the glass plate. Coals should not be left on it for too long to avoid possible cracks.

  5. Why is the Genie Skyline so special? The Skyline impresses with its unique look, perfect draft, high-quality glass and hygienic properties that set it apart from other shishas.

Glass shishas - modern design with crystal-clear transparency

As the name suggests, the glass shishas and all important individual parts are made exclusively of glass. Only the hose and the valves of some water pipes are made of silicone, plastic or metal. Otherwise, from the tobacco head to the round or tripod, all parts are made of glass.

Advantages of a glass shisha

Water pipes made of glass not only look elegant and stylish, they are also incredibly practical because glass does not rust even when in constant contact with water. Neither threads nor seals are required for the grinding of the connections. All individual parts are quickly assembled and disassembled, practically do not wear out and are easy to clean.

The wide variety of shapes of glass shishas

The Skyline and Amfora models are among the most popular glass shishas.

Over the years, the former has received a considerable variety of variations in terms of its appearance and design. The Skyline Shisha, on the other hand, impresses with its direct way of combining pure smoking pleasure with uncomplicated design.

For lovers of unusual shapes, we offer low table shishas with our Tanktube water pipes, which can be used comfortably by two people without taking up a lot of space.


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