Dschinni Molasses Catcher with adapter and silicone head gasket 18.8 cut

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Dschinni Shisha molasses catcher with plate adapter and silicone head gasket Ultra Grip 18.8 cut: Innovative accessory for your shisha

The world of shishas is becoming more and more diverse and sophisticated, and with the Dschinni molasses catcher with plate adapter and Ultra Grip 18.8 cut, you have an innovative and high-quality shisha accessory that not only makes cleaning and caring for your shisha easier, but also the smoking experience takes it to a new level. In this article, we take a closer look at this remarkable product and discover how it stands out from other offerings on the market.

1. The importance of the molasses catcher for your shisha

Before we delve into the details of the Genie Molasses Catcher, it is important to understand the basic function of this accessory. A molasses catcher is used to catch excess molasses that may occur during smoking. This keeps your shisha cleaner and more hygienic and allows you to enjoy the tobacco without interruption.

1.1 Why is cleaning the shisha so important?

Cleaning your hookah is crucial to ensure optimal smoke quality. Molasses and tobacco deposits can not only affect the taste but also block airflow. This is where the Genie Molasses Catcher comes into play.

2. Unique aluminum material for durability

A notable feature of the Genie Molasses Catcher is the aluminum material used. It is anodized and grade free, ensuring exceptional durability. This ensures that these accessories remain in perfect condition for a long time and offer you a reliable smoking experience.

2.1 The 18.8 grind adapter: Perfect fit for any shisha

Another crucial aspect is the 18.8 cut adapter, which allows the molasses catcher to be effortlessly attached to shishas with an appropriate cut. The precise workmanship ensures a secure connection without any play, which in turn makes the use of outdated seals unnecessary.

3. Easy cleaning for long-lasting enjoyment

The Genie molasses catcher not only impresses with its high-quality material, but also with its easy cleaning. Inside the molasses catcher there is an integrated collecting tray that collects excess molasses. All components of the molasses catcher can be easily disassembled and thoroughly cleaned because they are not glued together.

4. Innovative details for an optimal smoking experience

The innovative design of the molasses catcher goes further to provide an unparalleled smoking experience. The thread allows the molasses catcher to be securely attached to the shisha without wobbling. This ensures smooth airflow and does not affect smoking behavior.

4.1 No blockages thanks to a well thought-out design

A common problem with traditional molasses catchers is that tobacco leaves can block the openings, affecting flow. However, the Genie Molasses Catcher has been developed with a thoughtful design that prevents such blockages and thus ensures a consistent airflow.

5. Aesthetics meets functionality: A look at the design

Not only function, but also appearance plays an important role when choosing shisha accessories. The Dschinni Molasses Catcher with adapter and Ultra Grip also impresses here. It is delivered in elegant packaging and sets a visual highlight on your shisha.


With our shisha molasses catcher you are doing your shisha and yourself a favor, as it catches the excess molasses and keeps the shisha clean - also visually brilliant.

The 18.8 grind adapter allows you to easily attach the molasses catcher to any shisha with an 18.8 grind

Our very well-made molasses catcher for the water pipe is made of exolated aluminum, is free of degrees and has no sharp edges - for problem-free use

This modern shisha molasses catcher adapter does not restrict smoking behavior and draft - it can also be easily cleaned thanks to the easy disassembly

Technical details

The ultimate addition to your shisha

In conclusion, the Dschinni molasses catcher with plate adapter and Ultra Grip 18.8 grind is an indispensable accessory for every shisha lover. With its high-quality material, intelligent design and easy cleaning options, it not only improves the quality of smoking but also the overall experience.


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