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LED charcoal plate ring 20cm: Make your shisha shine!

When it comes to taking the shisha experience to a new level, the LED charcoal plate ring comes into play. This innovative accessory not only gives your shisha a fascinating visual dimension, but also creates a unique atmosphere, especially when it is dark. With a choice of 7 different colors and 3 changing modes, the LED charcoal ring from Dschinni offers an impressive range of possibilities to let your shisha shine in a new light.

Why the LED charcoal plate ring is a must-have

The LED charcoal plate ring is a real eye-catcher and an absolute must-have for shisha enthusiasts. Here are some reasons why you should consider it:

Fascinating play of colors

Thanks to the LED charcoal plate ring, you can dip your shisha in seven different colors. Whether you prefer a relaxed vibe in blue or stand out with bold green, the ring allows you to adjust the color to suit your mood at the touch of a button.

Various changing modes

The flexibility doesn't stop there. With three different changing modes you can adjust the lighting the way you like it best. From smooth transitions to exciting flashing patterns, there's an option to suit every preference.

Easy to attach and use

The LED charcoal plate ring can be easily attached to your charcoal plate. You can attach it securely with the included adhesive dots. You can use the ring with either the built-in rechargeable battery or the power plug, giving you complete freedom and flexibility.

The Genie quality promise

The LED charcoal plate ring comes from the renowned Dschinni company. As a pioneer in the shisha industry, Dschinni continues to set new standards. The ring is manufactured with the utmost care and guarantees a long service life and impressive performance.

Important notes on use

Please note that the charcoal plate shown is not included. In addition, you must not place glowing coals directly on the coal plate, as the LED coal plate ring can react sensitively to high temperatures and could melt.


With the LED charcoal plate ring you have the opportunity to present your shisha in a whole new light. The impressive selection of colors and changing modes allows you to customize the ambience to your liking. Whether you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere for cozy evenings or want to stand out at parties - this ring has it all.

frequently asked Questions

1. How long does the battery of the LED carbon plate ring last? The battery can last up to several hours depending on settings and usage time.

2. Is the ring waterproof? The ring is not waterproof. Please keep it away from liquids to avoid damage.

3. Can I use the ring on any shisha? Yes, the ring is designed to fit on most shisha models.

4. Are there replacement parts for the LED carbon plate ring? Dschinni does not currently offer separate replacement parts for the ring.

5. How do I clean the LED charcoal plate ring? Use a dry, soft cloth to gently wipe the ring. Avoid contact with water or cleaning products.

Access now and enlighten

Enrich your shisha experience with the LED charcoal plate ring. Bring your shisha to life and immerse it in a fascinating play of colors. Visit us now at www.dschinni-shisha.com and get your own LED charcoal plate ring today!


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