Genie stainless steel coal tongs 30cm

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Dschinni Shisha stainless steel charcoal tongs: The ultimate shisha accessory

The Dschinni Shisha Stainless Steel Charcoal Tongs is the ultimate accessory for all shisha enthusiasts looking for a touch of elegance and functionality in their smoking experience. These high quality stainless steel tongs stand out from other traditional tongs and offer a range of benefits that will take your shisha experience to the next level. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of the Dschinni Shisha Charcoal Tongs and why they become an essential tool for every hookah lover.

An eye-catcher in a class of its own

The Dschinni Shisha charcoal tongs made of stainless steel impress at first glance with their elegant design. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your high-quality shisha, then these tongs are perfect for you. Their solid construction and high-quality workmanship make them not only a practical tool, but also a stylish accessory that makes your shisha enjoyment even more enjoyable.

Practical grip surfaces for optimal grip

One of the most notable features of the Dschinni Shisha charcoal tongs is the special grip surface on the holder and on the tip of the tongs. These grip surfaces ensure that the charcoal is held firmly, whether you are turning it, placing it or repositioning it. This makes handling glowing coal child's play and you can fully concentrate on enjoying your shisha.

Longer and safer - the distance to the hot coals

Compared to conventional shisha tongs, the Dschinni charcoal tongs made of stainless steel are longer. This has a decisive advantage: it allows sufficient distance to the hot coal. This means you can grab the coal safely without burning yourself. This added safety not only contributes to a more pleasant smoking experience, but also extends the life of the tongs compared to other models.

Longevity thanks to high-quality stainless steel

The Dschinni Shisha charcoal tongs are made of high-quality stainless steel. This robust material is extremely resistant to high temperatures and heavy dirt. This makes the tongs ideal for long-term use when smoking shisha. You can rely on these tongs to remain in top condition and perform reliably even after many smoking sessions.

The Dschinni carbon tweezers stainless steel 30cm - an alternative

In addition to the Dschinni Shisha charcoal tongs, we would also like to introduce you to the Dschinni charcoal tweezers stainless steel 30cm. These tweezers offer similar benefits to the Genie tongs and are also an excellent choice for shisha lovers.

Firm and secure hold: The Dschinni carbon tweezers stainless steel have an internal ribbing that provides a secure gripping surface for the coal. This means burn holes in the carpet are a thing of the past.

Delicate tool: The slim design of the tweezers allows for easy operation and precise work. It is perfect for all types of handles and is a versatile tool for any shisha living room.

High-quality stainless steel: The Dschinni carbon tweezers are made of high-quality V2A steel, which can withstand extreme conditions and retain its quality even after a long period of use.

Grab the Dschinni Shisha stainless steel charcoal tongs now and experience a more comfortable and stylish shisha smoking experience than ever before!


    Whether you want to build a head or transport hot coals. The Dschinni Shisha charcoal tongs are suitable for everything related to head construction

    Our Dschinni stainless steel coal tongs fit perfectly in the hand. It also doesn't rust and is easy to clean.

    • A pair of pliers that is second to none. Premium materials used V2A stainless steel

    The Dschinni shisha tongs made of V2A stainless steel impress with their particular robustness, food safety and particular longevity. You won't find any rust or wear with these pliers.

    Technical details

    The Dschinni Shisha stainless steel charcoal tongs are more than just a tool - they are an upgrade for your shisha experience. Their elegant appearance, practical grip surfaces, safe distance from the hot coal and durability thanks to high-quality stainless steel make them an indispensable accessory. Whether you are an experienced hookah lover or a newbie, these tongs will take your smoking experience to a new level.

    • Length: 30cm


    • stainless steel
    Bowl material:

    Glass & smoke columns connection: