Dschinni Sleeve smoke column for the blow off

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Stylish sleeves for the Dschinni Blowoff Shisha: A touch of elegance and protection

The Genie Blowoff is undoubtedly a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance. To ensure that your shisha always stays in top shape and at the same time reflects your personal style, we present you our exquisite sleeves - the perfect combination of protection and aesthetics.

The importance of sleeves

Sleeves, also known as cases or protective covers, are more than just a simple accessory for your shisha. They serve as an additional layer of protection that protects your valuable Genie Blowoff from bumps, scratches and other possible damage. But that's not all - they also offer the opportunity to give your shisha a personal touch and make it an expression of your uniqueness and individuality.

Elegance in diversity: Our sleeves collection

Our collection of Genie Blowoff sleeves is a celebration of style and diversity. From subtle colors to bold patterns, we've curated a wide range of options to suit even the most discerning tastes. Our sleeves are made from high quality materials and carefully crafted to provide not only protection but also a touch of luxury.

Sleeves that tell stories

Every sleeve in our collection tells a unique story. With different designs you can express your mood, preferences or even your memories. Choose from a variety of styles to find the one that suits you best. From classic to modern, subtle to bold - we have the perfect sleeve for every personality.

The easy way to improve your style

Installing our sleeves on your Genie Blowoff is a breeze. Thanks to precise fits and high-quality materials, the sleeves can be attached effortlessly and ensure a secure hold. Accentuate the classy look of your shisha while providing additional protection. It's never been easier to combine elegance and functionality.

Discover our exclusive collection of Genie Blowoff sleeves today and define style in a whole new way.


Easy to install: The sleeve is easy to replace and gives your Genie Blow Off a new look in no time.

High-quality materials: Our sleeves are made of robust polypropylene polymer and are durable and reliable.

Wide choice of colors: Choose between colorful and simple designs to give your shisha the individual touch it deserves.

Give your Dschinni Blow Off a new look: With our smoke column sleeves you can give your shisha a completely new look.

Technical details

Your style, your statement

The Genie Blowoff is more than just a hookah - it's a statement. And our sleeves complement this statement perfectly. Add protection, personality and style to your shisha with our hand-picked collection of sleeves. Immerse yourself in the world of elegance and discover how a simple addition takes your hookah to a new level of sophistication.


  • plastic
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