Genie Shisha Head Phunnel Single Hole Head

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The Dschinni Phunnel: A high-quality tobacco bowl for perfect smoking pleasure

When it comes to the optimal shisha experience, choosing the right tobacco bowl plays a crucial role. The Dschinni Phunnel is a masterpiece in terms of quality, taste and functionality. Made from white clay and covered with a noble glaze, this Phunnel smoking bowl offers a number of benefits that shisha enthusiasts should not miss.

Introduction: The perfect combination of material and design

The Genie Phunnel is no ordinary tobacco head. Its exceptional design and high-quality material make it a must-have for every shisha lover. The head is made of white clay, which is known for its excellent properties. The elegant glaze not only gives it an attractive appearance, but also has practical advantages.

The Russian Phunnel: Tradition and Innovation

The Russian Phunnel bowls have a long tradition and are particularly known for their white clay and the small tobacco deposit. This innovative design allows you to save tobacco while enjoying an intense smoking experience. The Genie Phunnel follows this concept and even exceeds it in terms of compatibility and performance.

Compatibility without compromise

The Genie Phunnel is extremely versatile. It can easily be used with aluminum foil, HMD systems (Heat Management Device) or a OneSmoke. This flexibility allows you to precisely control the heat supply and achieve an optimal smoking experience. No matter which method you choose, the phunnel ensures even heat distribution and minimizes tobacco consumption.

Efficient heat absorption and taste experience

A standout feature of the Genie Phunnel is its ability to quickly absorb and store heat. This has a direct impact on smoking behavior. The tobacco bowl is heated through quickly, meaning less heat is needed to smoke the tobacco. This ensures efficient tobacco combustion, which makes the taste genuine and intense.

Easy to clean, no smelling

The glaze of the Genie Phunnel not only has aesthetic benefits, but also practical ones. Thanks to the glaze, the head hardly absorbs any molasses and stays clean. This avoids the annoying hissing that can occur with some tobacco bowls. Cleaning is easy and you can look forward to a long-lasting, high-quality smoking experience.

The unmistakable taste

The Genie Phunnel is not only a feast for the eyes, but also has a significant influence on the taste of the tobacco. Thanks to the high-quality material and efficient heat distribution, the taste of the tobacco remains genuine and clearly defined. Every puff is a pleasure for the senses and allows you to experience the aromas of the tobacco in their full glory.

Conclusion: quality, innovation and taste in one

The Dschinni Phunnel is undoubtedly a jewel among tobacco bowls. Its unique design, high-quality material and outstanding performance make it the perfect choice for shisha lovers who value quality and taste. With its versatility, efficient heat absorption and easy cleaning, this tobacco head sets new standards.


    Excellent heat conduction, easy cleaning thanks to the glazing and the high temperature clay we use

    Perfect in combination with the Dschinni armored film or an HMD

    The handcrafted phunnel is made of fireproof white clay and has a particularly tobacco-saving depot

    Longevity, durability and optimal heat conduction characterize this phunnel.

    Technical details

    • Height of head:11cm
    • Inside head diameter:7.5cm
    • Depth of tobacco depot:1 cm



    • volume
    Bowl material:

    Glass & smoke columns connection: