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Shisha electric charcoal lighter: Efficient lighting with the Dschinni Hot Plate

When it comes to lighting shisha charcoal, there is nothing better than the Dschinni Hot Plate charcoal lighter. With its impressive output of 600 watts, it allows natural charcoal to be lit quickly and cleanly, both indoors and outdoors. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Genie Hot Plate charcoal lighter and discover its unique features and benefits.

The advantages of the Genie Hot Plate charcoal lighter

1. Quick and clean lighting

With an output of 600 watts, the Dschinni Hot Plate charcoal lighter gets your shisha charcoal glowing in just 5-10 minutes. No more waiting and annoying fiddling with matches or lighters. The lighter does the job quickly and reliably.

2. Long-lasting heating coil

The heating coil of the charcoal lighter has a special coating that extends its lifespan. This means you can enjoy your charcoal lighter for a long time without having to worry about frequent replacements.

3. Heat insulated handle

The charcoal lighter is equipped with a heat-insulated handle that allows you to move it safely when needed. You don't have to worry about the lighter damaging your carpet or floor.

4. Optimized power cable

The included power cable provides enough distance from the socket to ensure maximum safety. This means you can use the lighter conveniently and flexibly without having to worry about its proximity to the power source.

5. Stable stand

Thanks to the rubber feet, the Dschinni Hot Plate charcoal lighter stands stable on any surface. This means you can use it safely without it tipping over or slipping.

How to use the Genie Hot Plate charcoal lighter

  1. Easy to turn on and off : The lighter automatically heats up to full power as soon as you plug it in. You don't have to go through the hassle of turning on the lighter.

  2. Preparing the charcoal : Place the desired number of shisha coals on the grid provided and let them rest for 4 minutes.

  3. Ignite Evenly : Once the bottom of the coals are lit, turn them over with tongs to ensure even ignition on both sides.

Compact and transportable

The Dschinni Hot Plate charcoal lighter is not only powerful, but also easy to store and transport. Its compact dimensions make it an ideal companion for your shisha sessions, whether you enjoy indoors or outdoors.

Instructions for use

Please note that the Dschinni Hot Plate charcoal lighter is electrically operated and therefore requires a secure place to stand in order to cope with the heat generated. Since the lighter is a wear item, it is not subject to the statutory warranty.


With the Genie charcoal lighter you can get the coal glowing quickly and cleanly

Simply switch the charcoal lighter on or off, you save yourself having to turn on the charcoal lighter, as the shisha charcoal is heated to full power anyway

Thanks to the integrated carbon grid, the carbon does not come into contact with the spiral. The gentle grid and the high-quality material of the spiral increase the lifespan of the lighter

The coal lies on the coal grid just above the heating coil. By turning it several times, it is heated evenly and is ready to use after just 5-10 minutes

Technical details

The Dschinni Hot Plate charcoal lighter is the ultimate solution for lighting your shisha charcoal quickly, efficiently and safely. With its powerful heating coil, heat-insulated handle and easy handling, it offers everything you need for a smooth shisha experience. Invest in this reliable companion for your shisha sessions and enjoy delicious smoke every time.

  • Height: 17cm
  • Power cable length: 86 cm


Bowl material:

Glass & smoke columns connection:

Max. expandable hose connections: