Stirring sticks (2 pieces) for shisha tobacco

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Dschinni stirring sticks tobacco mixer tobacco stirrer: perfect preparation for an enjoyable shisha experience


Using Genie Stir Sticks Tobacco Mixer Tobacco Stirrer can make a crucial difference in your shisha experience. These small but useful tools help you to pre-mix the tobacco perfectly and easily fill the bowl without getting your fingers dirty or producing a lot of dirt. This can be particularly beneficial for women with long fingernails.

The correct use of stirring sticks

  1. Preparation: Start by inserting the stainless steel side of the stirring stick into the tobacco tin.

  2. Thorough mixing: Mix the tobacco well so that the molasses, which is at the bottom of the can, is distributed homogeneously throughout the tobacco.

  3. Even Color: Make sure the tobacco has an even color throughout to ensure it is homogeneous.

  4. Filling in portions: Carefully tilt the tobacco tin and fill the tobacco into the shisha head in portions using the stirring stick.

  5. Avoiding clumps of tobacco: Use small piles of tobacco to avoid large clumps of tobacco and ensure even distribution in the bowl.

  6. Even distribution: Distribute the tobacco evenly in the bowl using the stirring stick.

  7. Fluffy tobacco: The tobacco should be fluffy in the shisha bowl to ensure an optimal smoking experience.

The advantages

Using Genie Stir Sticks Tobacco Mixer Tobacco Stirrer offers several advantages:

  • Clean Hands: Using these stirrers will keep your hands clean since you don't have to touch the tobacco directly.

  • Homogeneous tobacco: The thorough mixing ensures that the molasses is evenly distributed in the tobacco, resulting in a homogeneous taste experience.

  • Protection of the charcoal tongs: Since you use the stirring stick to fill the bowl, the charcoal tongs are not converted into tobacco tongs, which means they are protected.

  • Practical handling: The small stirring sticks are practical and inexpensive, but still extremely effective when preparing the shisha bowl.


Using Genie Stir Sticks Tobacco Mixer Tobacco Stirrer is a simple but effective way to achieve an optimal shisha experience. With clean hands, homogeneous and fluffy tobacco in the shisha bowl and gentle charcoal tongs, smoking becomes a pleasure. The practical and inexpensive stirring sticks should not be missing from any shisha equipment.


  1. How often should I mix the tobacco before filling the bowl? It is recommended to mix the tobacco thoroughly before each time you fill the shisha bowl to ensure an even distribution of the molasses.

  2. Can I reuse the stir sticks? Yes, the stirrers can be reused after cleaning as long as they are still intact.

  3. Are there different sizes of stirrers? Yes, there are different sizes of stirrers to suit individual needs.

  4. Can the stirrers also be used for other types of tobacco? Yes, the stirrers can be used for different types of tobacco and flavors.

  5. Is using stir sticks complicated? No, using stirrers is very simple and does not require any special knowledge or skills.


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