1kg One Nation 26 hookah natural charcoal made from coconut shells

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1kg 26er One Nation Premium Shisha Natural Charcoal: High quality for your incomparable shisha experience!

High quality from Indonesia: Naturally made from coconut shells for your incomparable shisha experience!

Immerse yourself in the ultimate shisha experience with the Premium Shisha Cubes #26ER 1 Kg from One Nation! This high-quality shisha charcoal is made in Indonesia from coconut shells and opens up a completely new dimension of shisha enjoyment.

Longer enjoyment thanks to extreme heat: Premium Shisha Cubes #26ER 1 kg for your shisha pleasure!

The coals made from coconut shells are known and highly praised by shisha lovers worldwide. They offer remarkable combustion at particularly hot temperatures and leave hardly any residue behind. This means that you can enjoy your shisha for longer without having to constantly change the charcoal. This leaves more time for relaxed sessions and pure enjoyment! The burning time is up to 120 minutes.

Sustainability meets quality: Smoking environmentally consciously with One Nation charcoal - coconut-based shisha charcoal!

Not only the quality but also the sustainability of One Nation coal is convincing. The coals are made from coconut shells, a waste product that has no other use. By cleverly using this resource, you can actively contribute to protecting the environment and at the same time live out your passion for shisha culture.

Experience undisturbed taste: Free from chemicals and unpleasant smells - pure moments of pleasure with One Nation coal!

What is unique about the Premium Shisha Cubes #26ER 1 Kg from One Nation is their pure taste. The coals burn evenly and do not give off any flavor, so you can enjoy the full aroma of your shisha tobacco. Thanks to the strict controls and the absence of chemical additives, you can fully concentrate on your shisha experience.

Discover the world of One Nation Kohl and immerse yourself in a new dimension of shisha smoking.

Experience high quality, sustainability and pure enjoyment - all combined in the Premium Shisha Cubes #26ER 1 kg from One Nation!


High quality raw materials

The One Nation Premium Shisha Cubes are made from the best coconut shells available in Indonesia. This ensures consistent and high quality, adding a new level of comfort to your hookah moment.

Extremely heat resistant

Thanks to the high temperatures and long burning time this charcoal can provide, you have more time to relax and less worry about changing charcoal frequently. Look forward to up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted shisha fun.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

By choosing One Nation coal, you are not only making a decision for quality, but also for the environment. The use of coconut shells, a natural waste product, is an active contribution to environmental protection.

Pure, undisturbed taste

Thanks to strict controls and the avoidance of chemical additives, this charcoal offers a pure and undisturbed taste experience. Enjoy your shisha to the fullest without having to worry about chemical tastes or smells.

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