Genie Pico Silver Set

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Experience unbeatable enjoyment with the Genie Pico Silver Set!

The Dschinni Pico is the ultimate combination of first-class quality and unbeatable price. With this silver set you get a revolutionary shisha that will delight you with its unique design and outstanding functions.

High-quality shisha made of aluminum and stainless steel for the best smoking pleasure

The Dschinni Pico Silver Set is made of high-quality materials that ensure unbeatable quality. The inner skeleton and all important functional parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, while the optical elements are made of aluminum. This means you get a stainless steel hookah at an incredible price without compromising on quality.

Robust design and easy cleaning for long-lasting shisha fun

The shisha has an anodized aluminum coating and an interior made of 304 stainless steel 18/8, a particularly high-quality stainless steel alloy. The glass of the Dschinni Pico is made of the highest quality glass on the shisha market - high borosilicate glass 3.3. It is hygienic, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. It also has high heat resistance, which makes it perfect for the shisha area. More information on this in the following sections.

Simple structure and practical functions for shisha lovers

The Dschinni Pico Silver Set not only impresses with its high-quality material, but also with its easy handling. The smoke column and the dip tubes are attached to the base via a thread, making assembly very easy. The blow-out valve and the hose adapter are plugged directly into the base and thanks to the special cuts, old sealing rings are unnecessary. Assembly and dismantling is therefore quick and uncomplicated.

Perfect smoke density and excellent draft for shisha lovers

Thanks to the optimal size of the bowl, the Dschinni Pico produces a high smoke density, which enables the desired smoking behavior of a shisha. The shape of the bowl ensures a laminar flow and a gigantic draft without being uncomfortable. The dip tube can optionally be expanded with a silicone diffuser to reduce the background noise when smoking.

Innovative closed chamber system for optimal enjoyment when smoking shisha

The Dschinni Pico Silver Set features Dschinni's unique closed chamber system. There are two vertical holes in the base that guide the smoke flow in a laminar manner and enable the stale smoke to be blown out of the bowl. This means you experience incomparable pleasure with every pull.

Easy to clean and transport for shisha lovers

The Dschinni Pico Silver Set is not only a pleasure for the senses, but also easy to clean. Thanks to the click closure, the base can be attached to the bowl extremely quickly and easily, which makes assembly and dismantling easier and faster. The bowl can be cleaned with boiling water as it is made of our special high borosilicate glass 3.3. We recommend adding a teaspoon of sour cream to the bowl, pouring boiling water over it, swirling vigorously and leaving it to work overnight. The next day, simply rinse thoroughly and remove any residue. We also recommend cleaning the shisha regularly to enjoy the full flavor.

Experience the affordable enjoyment of the Genie Pico Silver Set - order today!

Discover the world of shisha enjoyment on a new level with the Dschinni Pico Silver Set. With its unbeatable quality, revolutionary design and practical features, this shisha will exceed your expectations. Order today and immerse yourself in the affordable enjoyment of the Genie Pico Silver Set!

Genie Pico Silver Set

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