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The Genie Molasses Catcher

This innovative molasses catcher is the latest generation of molasses catchers and differs from the conventional offerings on the market in terms of material, design, quality and functions. It is a combination of glass and metal and is therefore more robust and practical than molasses catchers that are only made of glass.

The main function of a molasses catcher is to catch the excess molasses and keep the hookah clean. Of course, it also serves to beautify the shisha. But we have thought of a few more things for the new generation.

The molasses catcher is made from only the finest glass material on the market. This is the heat-resistant and scratch-resistant high borosilicate glass 3.3, which is mainly used in laboratories because the material can withstand high loads. Therefore it fits perfectly with our products.
The special aluminum alloy is anodized, free of grades, has no sharp edges and therefore promises a long service life.

Thanks to the 18.8 grind adapter, the molasses catcher can be used on any shisha that has an 18.8 grind. All you have to do is unscrew the lower or upper adapter with the head gasket and then attach the plate between the upper or lower adapter and the molasses catcher. So you can decide for yourself whether the molasses catcher should be above or below the plate. The molasses catcher's tray can be used when mounted above the plate.
The cut is precisely processed and has no play in the shisha, meaning that outdated seals are no longer required.

There is also a tub integrated inside the molasses catcher that catches excess molasses. The molasses catcher can be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned in every corner. The individual elements are not glued together, as is the case with cheap models from China. At Dschinni, all parts are precisely manufactured and durable.

The molasses catcher can also be mounted firmly on a shisha using the thread and sits rock-solid. To do this, the 18.8 grinding adapter must be unscrewed and the molasses catcher must be mounted on the appropriate shisha.

The unique design allows you to look through the window into the molasses catcher and see the smoke passing through as well as the molasses. The tobacco leaves cannot block the openings due to the design of the molasses catcher.

Draft and smoking behavior are not restricted by the innovative solution and you have a dense and beautiful smoke.

Design, innovation and quality come together in this molasses catcher.

Furthermore, the molasses catcher can be filled with water and visually enhanced by adding food coloring. The water also dilutes the molasses and makes it easier to wash out later.

The whole thing comes in elegant packaging to complete the overall package.

Beautify and optimize your shisha with these beautiful and very practical accessories from Dschinni.


  • Easy to clean
  • Collects molasses and ensures that it does not get into the bowl via the dip tube
  • Perfect, clean smoking experience
  • Pipe is easier to clean because the molasses is trapped
  • Perfect accessory for your pipe


The hole on the bottom fits any shisha and does not require seals. The Ultra Grip attachment is located on the top of the 14cm large molasses catcher.

Our very well-made molasses catcher for the water pipe is made of exolated aluminum, is free of degrees and has no sharp edges - for problem-free use

This modern shisha molasses catcher adapter does not restrict smoking behavior and draft - it can also be easily cleaned thanks to the easy disassembly

With our shisha molasses catcher you are doing your shisha and yourself a favor, as it catches the excess molasses and keeps the shisha clean - also visually brilliant

Technical details


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