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The Dschinni Mini Me Fragment Shisha: Small, unique and history

The Dschinni Mini Me Fragment Shisha was undoubtedly a pioneering work by the renowned Dschinni company. With a petite height of 31 cm, it presented itself as a true size in the area of ​​shishas. Their uniqueness was revealed in a design that boldly stood out from conventional shishas and thus attracted attention. Let's take a closer look at this remarkable creation.

An unmistakable design

The Dschinni Mini Me Fragment Shisha entered the scene with a distinctive design that immediately captivated. Your completed set included not only a classic hookah, but also an ordinary hookah hose and a China Vortex head. This harmonious combination promised an incomparable smoking experience.

The heart of the shisha

The connection between the smoke column and the base was an elegant component that was pleasing to both the eye and the functions. There was a small hole in the center of the base that was used to place the mouthpiece. This thoughtful addition was characteristic of the Mini Me Fragment Hookah and added a sophisticated touch to its functionality.

Top-class materials

The hookah was made of high-quality zinc alloy and had a glossy black or white coating. But the highlight was undoubtedly the bowl. It was made of the innovative fragment of glass - a material that appeared to have shattered. But the highlight came to light when the LED plate was switched on. The fragment of glass revealed its true splendor and conjured up a magical play of light.

Shared moments, shared pleasure

The Dschinni Mini Me Fragment Shisha was more than just a smoking opportunity - it was an instrument for celebrating shared moments. With enough space for up to two people, it promised not only an individual smoking experience, but also an opportunity to share it with a friend.

A look into the past

Unfortunately, the end of the Dschinni Mini Me Fragment Shisha came quicker than expected. There are several reasons that led to their discontinuation:

  1. Fluctuations in quality: Initially, Dschinni sourced models from the usual Chinese factories. Despite their own designs, the quality suffered from fluctuations that the shisha factories could not get under control.

  2. Changing material trends: The Mini Me Fragment Shisha used materials that went out of fashion over time, thereby affecting its appeal.

  3. Own production: In order to ensure better control over quality and design, Dschinni decided to set up its own production. In their eyes, the catalog hookahs did not have a promising future.

  4. Unauthorized distribution of designs: The design of the Mini Me Fragment Shisha was distributed without consent. The Chinese factory sold the design to customers worldwide, resulting in a loss of exclusivity.


The Dschinni Mini Me Fragment Shisha undoubtedly left its mark on the world of shishas. With a bold design, high-quality materials and the promise of shared moments of enjoyment, it has secured a place in the memories of shisha enthusiasts.

frequently asked Questions

1. Can the Mini Me Fragment Shisha from Genie still be purchased? The Mini Me Fragment Shisha is currently no longer available in stores because it has been discontinued.

2. Are there spare parts for the Mini Me Fragment Shisha? Since the hookah has been discontinued, replacement parts may be difficult to find. It is advisable to ask Genie directly.

3. What other unique hookah models does Genie offer? Dschinni offers a wide range of shisha models that are characterized by innovative designs and high-quality materials.

4. Does the Mini Me Fragment Shisha have a guarantee? Warranty conditions may vary depending on date and location of purchase. It is advisable to ask for warranty information when purchasing.

5. Are there any plans for a similar hookah model from Genie in the future? Genie's range is constantly evolving. It is possible that similar innovative models will be presented in the future, continuing the tradition of the Mini Me Fragment Shisha.


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