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Dschinni Glass Shisha Aqua: An eye-catcher for shisha lovers

When it comes to exceptional design and the highest quality for shisha lovers, the Dschinni Aqua Shisha definitely stands out. This shisha is not just a smoking device, but a true work of art that can transform special occasions and events into a unique experience.

A masterpiece of design

The Dschinni Aqua Shisha impresses at first glance with its extraordinary design. The glass bowl, made from high borosilicate glass 3.3, was mouth-blown meticulously by hand and has an impressive wall thickness of around 10 mm. This not only gives the shisha a robust structure, but also incredible quality.

Heart of the shisha

The upper segment of the Dschinni Aqua Shisha is the heart of this masterpiece. This is where the hose connections and the dip tube cut are located, which were handcrafted with great care. The armored edges that are incorporated into the material not only give the shisha an elegant look, but also offer effective protection against breakage, which is often sensitive in glass shishas. This means that the shisha not only looks more harmonious, but is also more durable.

Versatile dip tube options

The Dschinni Aqua Shisha comes with two different dip pipes to suit individual preferences. A dip tube has a solid head with an inlet for the glass screen and is flush at the top for HMD (Heat Management Device) or similar systems. This variant looks particularly harmonious and aesthetically appealing, as no protruding elements affect the elegant shape of the shisha.

The second dip tube supplied follows the standard variant and, with a plate and the conventional head gasket, offers the possibility of using conventional heads on the market. This flexibility makes the Dschinni Aqua Shisha a versatile choice for different smoking preferences.

Perfect for decoration and events

Both segments of the shisha are characterized by their generous size, which offers ideal conditions for decoration and personalization. Such shishas are particularly popular in the catering industry, such as in shisha bars, as they create a unique atmosphere and focus on special occasions or guests.


The Dschinni Aqua Shisha impressively combines exceptional design, the highest quality and a wide range of applications. With its impressive appearance and high-quality material, it sets new standards in the area of ​​shishas. Whether for private moments of enjoyment or special events - this shisha will certainly attract everyone's attention.

frequently asked Questions

1. What materials are used in the Dschinni Aqua Shisha?

The Dschinni Aqua Shisha is made of high borosilicate glass 3.3, which was mouth-blown. This gives it impressive wall thickness and high quality.

2. Which dip tube option is best for me?

The choice depends on your personal preferences. The dip tube with the solid head is well suited for aesthetically pleasing smoking sessions, while the standard dip tube is suitable for traditional heads.

3. Can the shisha be decorated for events?

Yes, both the lower and upper segments offer enough space for decoration and personalization, making them ideal for special occasions.

4. Is the shisha unbreakable?

Thanks to the armored edges and the high-quality glass, the Dschinni Aqua Shisha is more resistant to breakage than conventional glass shishas.

5. Where can I purchase the Dschinni Aqua Shisha?

You can purchase the Dschinni Aqua Shisha on the official website or in selected specialist stores.


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