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Stainless steel shisha Dschinni Mio: The perfect combination of modernity and tradition

The Dschinni Mio - Chrome Gold combines modern and traditional in a unique shisha. From the impressive bowl made of borosilicate glass to the sophisticated smoke column, this shisha embodies elegance and functionality. In this article, we delve deep into the world of Genie Mio and discover why it is one of the outstanding stainless steel hookahs on the market.

The beauty of the Genie Mio

1. A bowl that stands out

The Dschinni Mio bowl impresses with its breathtaking colors and attractive design. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, it is not only robust but also eye-catching. The beautiful combination of colors and the carefully designed shape make this bowl a work of art.

2. An 18/8 cut for versatility

Thanks to the 18/8 cut on the smoke column of the Dschinni Mio, smokers can install a molasses catcher. This handy feature ensures that the molasses is collected in a separate container instead of ending up in the bowl. A small detail with a big impact!

3. The Closed Chamber System

Another notable feature of the Genie Mio is the closed chamber system. This innovative design allows smokers to blow all the smoke out of the bowl. This means that the smoke does not build up in the bowl, which ensures a pleasant smoking experience.

A look at the Dschinni Mio Shisha

4. Aesthetics and functionality combined

The Dschinni Mio, a stainless steel hookah from the German brand Dschinni, combines aesthetics and functionality in perfect harmony. With a height of 55 cm and a vase made of thick borosilicate laboratory glass, it is not only visually appealing but also durable.

5. Individual customization options

With an 18/8 cut, the Dschinni Mio offers the possibility of adding individual accessories such as a molasses catcher. This allows smokers to customize and optimize their shisha according to their own preferences.

6. Multiple hose connections

The Dschinni Mio can accommodate up to 4 hose connections, which are available separately. This makes it possible to enjoy the shisha with friends and share the smoking experience together.

The perfect combination of tradition and modernity

7. A harmonious design

The Dschinni Mio combines the best of both worlds: traditional oriental design and high-quality modern materials. This unique combination makes the shisha a real eye-catcher that impresses in any environment.

8. Size isn't everything

Despite its compact size, the Dschinni Mio offers an excellent smoking experience. Their quality and functionality far exceed their dimensions. This shisha proves that it's not the size that matters, but the quality.

High-quality materials and thoughtful design

9. Robust hose connections

The hose connections of the Dschinni Mio are inserted into the base using a grinding system. This intelligent design allows smokers to build and customize their shisha to their own liking.

10. Rustproof and durable

The entire shisha, including the dip tube, is made of rust-proof V2A stainless steel. This ensures that the shisha remains rust-free even after many smoking sessions and maintains its quality over time.

Quality meets durability

11. Robust borosilicate glass

The Mio's bowl is made of 8 mm thick borosilicate glass 3.3. This material stands for exceptional robustness and longevity. The Dschinni Mio is therefore ideally equipped to withstand the demands of a smoker's life.

12. Smoking in company

The Dschinni Mio offers an impressive draft that allows smoking with up to 4 hose adapters. Please note, however, that only 1x hose adapter is included in the scope of delivery.

Conclusion: The Genie Mio - a must-have item

The Dschinni Mio - Chrome Gold embodies the best of both worlds: traditional elegance and modern functionality. With high-quality materials, well-thought-out design and versatile customization options, this shisha is an absolute must-have for shisha smokers who value quality and aesthetic design.

frequently asked Questions

1. Does the Genie Mio come with a hose and head?

No, the Genie Mio is delivered without a hose and head.

2. Can I add custom accessories?

Yes, thanks to the 18/8 cut you can add custom accessories such as a molasses catcher.

3. How many hose connections does the Genie Mio have?

The Dschinni Mio can accommodate up to 4 hose connections, which are available separately.

4. Is the bowl made of borosilicate glass robust?

Yes, the Dschinni Mio bowl is made of 8 mm thick borosilicate glass 3.3, which makes it particularly robust.

5. What size is the Genie Mio?

The Dschinni Mio is 55 cm high and still offers an excellent smoking experience.


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