Genie Arabica Fragment Special Edition

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Genie Arabica Fragment

The Genie Arabica – the game changer the beginning of a concept that continues to this day

As a passionate shisha smoker, you have certain ideas about what a shisha should look like and how it should smoke.

At the time when Arabica was released there was only the widespread shisha with the 3 bubbles as a bowl and 3 bubbles in the smoke column. They only differed in the color of the bowl and that was the highest feeling when the bowl was rare. The shishas themselves were difficult to modify or expand, which was also a big negative.

The options were limited except for the material, there were only 2 different models, either made of zinc or chrome-plated brass, which were a little more expensive than the normal standard shishas.

Shisha from Europe had little to do with the traditional flair of the past, it was all about the performance, which was now better than all the traditional shishas.

Dschinni finally wanted to combine the modern quality and performance of a shisha with the flair of the traditional one. The result was the Genie Arabica.

It happened as it should, the Genie Arabica, contrary to all the traders' expectations, hit like an atomic bomb and the warnings of many traders turned into interest, the Arabica was a sure-fire success from that day on. The first Dschinni model was the first model that completely turned the market on its head, because all of a sudden you looked through the shelves and saw something golden between all the chrome, so of course it immediately caught your eye. Like every other model, the shisha should be something different and bridge the gap between traditional and modern.

From that day on, each manufacturer tried to use a different smoke column or bowl instead of the conventional 3 bubbles. Thanks to Dschinni we have this wide variety of shishas in Germany.

The fragment bowl or the fragment look gives the shisha a very special look, especially if you place it on an LED coaster, then the glass scatters the light in all directions.

Today we no longer produce Arabicas because they are no longer up to date. The zinc alloy is too fragile and the lifespan of the shisha is quite short as the material oxidizes quickly.

Accessories for the Genie Arabica will be difficult to find, except in our treasure trove.


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