Genie Shisha Glass Head Phunnel Turban XL Bowl

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Dschinni mouth-blown Shisha glass head Phunnel Turban XXL - Bowl: A look at the king of the Phunnels

In the world of hookah lovers, there are many unique and fascinating products that can take the smoking experience to a whole new level. One of these impressive products is the “Dschinni mouth-blown Shisha glass bowl Phunnel Turban XXL – Bowl”. This solid glass bowl, made by renowned manufacturer Dschinni, is undoubtedly the king of phunnels and deserves a close look. In this article we take a look at the special features of this exceptional shisha accessory.

Unique Craftsmanship: Hand-blown glass head

The Dschinni Phunnel Turban XXL - Bowl is characterized by its exceptional craftsmanship. Each head is hand blown, making it a truly unique piece. This individual manufacturing method gives each head a unique shape and character, which makes the product even more valuable. The fact that each head is made individually adds to the uniqueness and specialness of this product.

High quality material: borosilicate glass 3.3

The Phunnel Turban XXL - Bowl is made of high-quality high borosilicate glass 3.3. This material is considered one of the best types of glass that can be used for making hookah accessories. It is characterized by its heat resistance, robustness and neutral taste. Dschinni is proud to be the only company in the world to make its glass products from this first-class glass. This quality guarantee not only ensures longevity, but also a genuine smoking experience.

Efficient smoke development: the glass screen

The screen integrated into the head plays a crucial role in terms of smoke development. It is available in two versions: a glass version and another stainless steel version with pre-drilled holes. The umbrella is responsible for ensuring that the tobacco is heated optimally and thus an intense smoke is produced. This makes it possible to fully exploit the tobacco and achieve an incomparable taste experience.

Fascinating design: The four mouth-blown legs

Another impressive feature of the Dschinni Phunnel Turban XXL - Bowl are the four elaborately hand-blown legs. These not only give the head a unique look, but also convey a feeling of elegance and exclusivity. The legs contribute to the stability of the head while adding to its aesthetic value. This interplay of functionality and aesthetics makes the head a true masterpiece.

Glass shishas: Modern design with clarity

The trend towards glass hookahs is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reasons. Glass shishas not only impress with their clear transparency, but also with their modern and stylish design. All important components of these hookahs, from the tobacco bowl to the round or tripod, are made of glass. This not only gives an elegant look, but also offers practical advantages.

Practical advantages of glass shishas

Glass shishas are not only visually appealing, but also extremely practical. Glass does not rust, even with prolonged contact with water. The connections between the individual parts do not require threads or seals, making the shisha easier to assemble and clean. The materials are durable and unlikely to wear out while being easy to clean.

Variety of glass shishas

Among the most popular models of glass hookahs, the Skyline and the Amfora stand out. The Skyline Shisha offers a wide variety of variations in terms of appearance and design. However, the Amfora impresses with its impressive yet impressive design, which combines pure smoking pleasure with uncomplicated elegance. For lovers of unusual shapes, Dschinni also offers Tanktube water pipes, which are a low table shisha and are ideal for two people.


The Dschinni hand-blown Shisha glass bowl Phunnel Turban XXL - Bowl is undoubtedly an outstanding piece of shisha accessories that sets new standards in terms of craftsmanship, material quality and smoking experience. With its unique shape, high-quality glass material and thoughtful design, it offers an unparalleled hookah experience for enthusiasts.


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