Dschinni Shisha stainless steel chimney attachments for shisha heads Vulcan 1.0

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Universal solid Genie fireplace attachment stainless steel Vulcan Air with air flow technology for clay, stone and glass heads


In the world of hookah smoking, there are always innovative products that can improve the smoking experience and change the way we enjoy our hookahs. One of these fascinating products is the massive Dschinni fireplace attachment "Vulcan Air" made of high-quality stainless steel with the groundbreaking Air Flow technology. This fireplace attachment promises perfect heat regulation and a worry-free smoking experience for all clay heads, stone and glass heads.

Heat management with chimney attachments

A chimney attachment is a hookah bowl accessory that is placed on the head and improves heat management. The tube in the middle of the chimney attachment plays a central role. It allows for optimal heat regulation as excess heat can escape through the tube. This allows the bowl to regulate itself automatically and prevents the tobacco from overheating. The chimney effect causes excess heat to rise out of the head via the tube.

Advantages of the Vulcan chimney attachment

The Vulcan chimney cap is characterized by its innovative air flow technology, which solves a common problem with conventional chimney caps. The coal often turns black where it is placed and goes out if it is left on the fireplace attachment for too long. This is because not enough oxygen gets to the bottom of the coal. With Dschinni's Air Flow technology, the coal is continuously supplied with sufficient oxygen so that it burns optimally and the heat can be ideally regulated.

Adjusting the heat supply

The heat supply can be easily regulated when using the Vulcan fireplace attachment. Positioning the coal in the center and close to the tube creates more heat. If less heat is desired, place the coal closer to the outer edge of the fireplace. This allows every shisha smoker to design the perfect heat management according to personal preferences and enjoy an optimal smoking experience.

Universal fit for all heads

The Vulcan chimney attachment is suitable for all clay heads, stone and glass heads. No matter which head you prefer, this fireplace attachment is a perfect fit. Dschinni recommends using the Vulcan chimney attachment with a Nero glass bowl for a particularly intense smoking experience.

High quality material and workmanship

The solid Genie fireplace attachment Vulcan Air is made of brushed food-safe 304 stainless steel. This high-quality material not only ensures a long service life for the fireplace attachment, but also ensures a hygienic smoking experience. The air slots in the stainless steel allow for optimal air supply, which, in combination with the Air Flow technology, enables the coal to burn evenly and efficiently.


The Dschinni chimney attachment Vulcan Air with Air Flow technology is undoubtedly an innovative solution for perfect heat regulation when smoking shisha. With high-quality stainless steel and a well-thought-out construction, this chimney attachment offers an excellent smoking experience for all shisha enthusiasts. Thanks to the unique Air Flow technology, the heat is optimally regulated and the oxygen supply to the coal remains constant to enable problem-free and enjoyable smoking.

The shisha head attachment is made of high-quality stainless steel - absolutely food-safe, rust-proof, acid-resistant, dishwasher-safe and tasteless

The heat can be regulated by the distance between the coal and the chimney tube: To provide more heat, position the coal in the middle and close to the chimney tube

The attachment has the standard size and fits all shisha heads - whether fireclay head, clay head or glass head

The fireplace attachment is made of food-safe stainless steel and is extremely durable. The charcoal attachment sieve does not deform or bend even at high temperatures

Dschinni Shisha stainless steel chimney attachments for shisha heads Vulcan 1.0

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