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Handcrafted Dschinni Shisha stone head - optimal enjoyment for shisha lovers


In the world of shisha smoking, there are constantly new innovations designed to improve the smoking experience. One of the newest products on the market is the handcrafted Genie Shisha stone head. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at this high quality and unique product, designed specifically for shisha lovers to provide an unparalleled smoking experience.

1. The perfect combination: Nero fireclay head and fireplace attachment

The fireclay head Nero in combination with a chimney attachment is a product from Dschinni and is the ideal combination for every shisha enthusiast. This unique shisha head was developed with great attention to detail to meet the needs of demanding smokers.

2. A lot of smoke - huge clouds

The massive 280g tobacco head of the Nero fireclay head heats the tobacco optimally in every setup and creates huge clouds. No matter whether you use it with a smokebox, aluminum foil, fireplace attachment, chimney or shisha oven - the result is always an impressively dense smoke that will make the heart of every shisha lover beat faster.

3. 100% taste with no off-flavors

A major problem faced by many shisha smokers is the undesirable aftertaste of coal, clay or silicone, which can affect the taste of the tobacco. With the Nero fireclay head, this problem is a thing of the past. This high-quality stone head guarantees that you can enjoy your favorite tobacco 100% pure and unadulterated.

4. Smoking for longer - no waste of tobacco

The special glaze layer of the Nero fireclay head ensures optimal heat distribution. This means you can enjoy the tobacco for up to 30 minutes longer and at the same time avoid unnecessary tobacco waste.

5. Solid handwork - unique pieces

A special feature of the Nero fireclay head is the elaborate handwork that goes into each head. This ensures that each shisha head is truly unique. The lovingly placed 4 holes ensure optimal draft, regardless of whether you smoke wet or dry tobacco.

6. Eye-catcher - Aesthetically pleasing design

In addition to its first-class performance, the Nero fireclay head also impresses with its aesthetically appealing design. The matt bowl made of natural stone with an elegant gold rim not only attracts smoke lovers, but also cuts an excellent visual figure. Compared to clay, silicone or ceramic bowls, this stone head makes a special statement and gives your shisha a touch of luxury.

7. Compatibility and Application

The fireclay head Nero is versatile and fits universally on every shisha and head gasket. The rough inside of the bowl makes it easier to hold onto the seal and ensures a tight fit. Building the bowl is quick and easy, you just have to loosely fill the tobacco into the bowl. We recommend smoking the bowl with the Dschinni Vulcan Air, but other chimney attachments are also compatible.


The bowl is quickly smoked and has large openings which guarantee a great draft

The head fits universally on every shisha and every head gasket, its rough inside makes it easier to hold on to the gasket

With our shisha chimney attachment, building the head is no longer a problem. Simply place the tobacco product in the included Seflex, place Vulcan on it and you're ready to go.

Thanks to the firebrick with glaze, the stone head is fireproof, heat-resistant, molasses-free and does not sift. The Vulcan chimney attachment is made of solid brushed stainless steel

Technical details

The handcrafted Dschinni Shisha stone head Nero is undoubtedly an asset to every shisha smoker. With its unique combination of optimal heat distribution, taste purity and aesthetic design, it offers an incomparable smoking experience. Craftsmanship and high-quality materials make this stone head a real eye-catcher that not only delights the eye, but above all the palate.



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