Dschinni Mio stainless steel V4A silver 2.0 set

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The Dschinni Mio 2.0: Incomparable enjoyment

Luxurious design with stainless steel and crystal glass

Immerse yourself in the world of shisha enjoyment with the Dschinni Mio 2.0, a unique combination of first-class V4A stainless steel (316L) and beautiful crystal glass. We present you a product that not only impresses on the outside, but also guarantees an exceptional smoking experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the elegant look and high-quality workmanship.

Stainless steel: precision and corrosion resistance

At Dschinni we stand for quality and transparency. That's why we use the best stainless steel V4A (316L) for our shishas. This extremely corrosion-resistant alloy ensures a long service life and enables enjoyable smoking without an unpleasant aftertaste. Unlike cheap V2A, which is often used as an inferior alternative, we rely on the advantages of V4A stainless steel to give you the best smoking experience.

Glass: Brilliant optics and health protection

Our crystal glass is made of lead-free material and is manufactured using the latest technology. Avoiding lead not only improves the stability of the glass, but also protects your health. The Dschinni Mio 2.0 bowl impresses with its conical shape and the artistic crystal elements, which make it a real eye-catcher. With its thickness and quality, the glass guarantees a breathtaking look and an unclouded smoking experience.

Perfect smoke development with innovative blow-out valve

Blow-out valve: A highlight in a class of its own

The blow-out valve of the Dschinni Mio 2.0 sets new standards in shisha smoking. The plate on the valve lifts when blowing out and reveals the holes from which the smoke escapes. This creates a mesmerizing smoke explosion that will amaze your friends. Enjoy unique smoking moments with this innovative feature.

Perfect draft for an incomparable smoking pleasure

The Dschinni Mio 2.0's draft is perfectly tailored to allow you to smoke comfortably and in a controlled manner. Neither too big nor too traditional, this shisha offers optimal smoke production and an excellent taste. Thanks to the slide-on diffuser in the dip tube, you can adjust the water level and reduce the volume of the shisha.

Practical and easy to care for - Shisha for the discerning

Intelligent plate design for ash and coal

The plate of the Dschinni Mio 2.0 has cut-out waves on which you can knock off and place the coal. This means the coal stays hotter for longer and the ash falls into the grooves without affecting the smoke. Enjoy an uncomplicated and hygienic shisha experience.

Complete set for ultimate enjoyment

The scope of delivery includes the new Nero glass head with Seflex 2.0, base shell and the Ultra Grip silicone head gasket. With this complete set you are well equipped and can enjoy smoking straight away.

Flexibility with up to 4 hoses

Expand your smoking experience by using the Dschinni Mio 2.0 with up to 4 hoses. You can purchase additional hose adapters and expand your shisha as desired.

Discover the Dschinni Mio 2.0 - a shisha that leaves nothing to be desired and meets the highest demands. Enjoy first-class smoke and a luxurious design for unforgettable moments.

High-quality materials

The Dschinni Mio 2.0 combines stainless steel V4A (316L) and crystal glass for a luxurious and long-lasting shisha experience.

Precise processing

Every detail of the Dschinni Mio Silver 2.0 has been carefully designed to ensure first-class quality.

Flexibility and comfort

The Dschinni Mio 2.0 can be expanded with up to 4 hoses, while the easy-to-clean design ensures convenient use.

Fascinating crystal glass

Healthy, lead-free material for unadulterated enjoyment. Eye-catcher with conical shape and crystal elements.

Dschinni Mio stainless steel V4A silver 2.0 set

Technical details

  • 70 cm (measured with head and chimney)


  • Stainless steel V4A 316L
Bowl material:

Crystal glass

Glass & smoke columns connection: