Dschinni Mini Brilliant Shisha made of glass 40cm

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Dschinni Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini: A masterpiece of elegance and functionality

The Dschinni Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini is a remarkable creation from the renowned Dschinni company. This small all-glass water pipe impresses with its unique design and exceptional smoking behavior that will captivate every shisha lover.

The robust elegance of high borosilicate glass

The basis of this unique shisha is the first-class high borosilicate glass. Compared to conventional glass, this material is more robust, solid and heat-resistant. Dschinni is a leader in the production of hookahs made from this fine glass, bringing numerous benefits to hookah smokers.

Absolute transparency for insights into the smoking experience

When smoking with the Dschinni Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini, you can experience the flow of smoke up close thanks to the clear and pure material. Any contamination is immediately visible and can be easily removed. This transparency enables an intensive and unadulterated shisha experience.

A taste experience in a class of its own

No other shisha can compete with the Dschinni Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini when it comes to taste. The glass is tasteless and does not absorb any taste of its own. It is also extremely easy to clean thanks to the special material. A notable advantage is that this shisha is even dishwasher safe.

Social smoking for two

The Dschinni Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini is perfect for social gatherings. It can easily be used by up to two people at the same time without sacrificing quality or smoking pleasure. The integrated diffuser prevents water from splashing up into the hose, while the shape of the shisha effectively keeps the water inside.

The fascination of glass shishas

Glass shishas are known for their modern design and the crystal-clear transparency that characterizes them. Every important part of these shishas, ​​from the tobacco bowl to the round or tripod, is made exclusively of glass. Only hoses and valves are made of silicone, plastic or metal.

The advantages of glass shishas

The charm of glass hookahs goes beyond the aesthetic appearance. Glass is extremely practical because it does not rust even after prolonged contact with water. The connections require neither threads nor seals, which makes assembling and cleaning the individual parts particularly easy. The durability and convenience are unmatched.

Diversity in shape and design

The Skyline and Dschinni Brilliant Mini models are among the most popular glass shishas. The Skyline Shisha impresses with its diverse variation options over the years, giving it an adaptable and attractive design. The Brilliant Shisha, on the other hand, focuses on pure smoking pleasure in combination with an uncomplicated yet impressive design.

Unique shapes for special preferences

For lovers of unusual shapes, Dschinni offers a selection of low table shishas with the Tanktube water pipes. These models enable a comfortable smoking experience for two without taking up a lot of space.

With the Dschinni Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini, shisha enthusiasts experience a harmonious combination of elegance and functionality that ensures unforgettable moments.

frequently asked Questions

  1. Can the Dschinni Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini be cleaned in the dishwasher? Yes, this shisha is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning particularly easy.

  2. Are there any special care instructions for the glass shisha? To maintain the brilliance of the glass, we recommend using mild cleaning agents and not using coarse sponges.

  3. How many people can smoke with the shisha at the same time? The Dschinni Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini is suitable for enjoyment by up to two people at the same time.

  4. Can I use other hoses on this shisha? Yes, it is possible to use alternative hoses with the Brilliant Mini Shisha as long as they are compatible.

  5. Is there a guarantee on the Dschinni Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini? Yes, Genie provides a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Please see the exact terms and conditions on the official website.

Don't hesitate any longer and immerse yourself in the world of the Genie Glass Shisha Brilliant Mini. Now get incomparable smoking pleasure and elegant design under one roof.


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