Dschinni Junior stainless steel shisha 36cm laboratory glass

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The versatility of the Dschinni Junior 2S Shisha - perfect for every occasion

The Dschinni Junior 2S Shisha is available in different versions, be it as a travel companion, for outdoor adventures, as a table shisha or for use at home. The Junior 2S Shisha offers the best performance and smoking experience in every situation. Contrary to what one might think, size has no influence on smoking behavior; On the contrary, small shishas often produce more intense smoke.

The outstanding features of the Dschinni Junior 2S Shisha

Our Dschinni Junior 2S Shisha impresses with its unique handcraft and has a beautiful bowl made of high borosilicate glass 3.3. The generous base ensures optimal stability. The plate is equipped with an 18.8 cut that provides space for molasses catchers and other extensions. The hose connection has a 14.4/14.5 cut, which allows the hose to be attached easily and in a modern way, without the need for complex seals or aids.

The Junior 2S Shisha is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which guarantees above-average quality on the market. The processing of the surface and the threads is, as usual from Dschinni, in the high segment. Both the surface of the stainless steel and the threads were refined in the manufacturing process to meet Dschinni's highest quality standards.

The dip tube is equipped with a diffuser, which is necessary due to its compact size. Despite its low height, this shisha impresses with its impressive smoking behavior and excellent smoke production. The pulling behavior is optimally balanced, neither too intense nor too weak, but in exactly the right proportion. The Junior 2S Shisha is ideal as a table shisha, travel companion and for use in catering establishments. The 2S version of the shisha can be expanded to include up to two hoses.

Care instructions

Cleaning the bowl is extremely easy thanks to the high borosilicate glass 3.3. A recommended method is rinsing with hot water. To remove stubborn residues, add a teaspoon of sour cream to the bowl and pour hot water over it. After tossing thoroughly, the mixture should sit overnight. Strong cleaning agents should not be used when cleaning. The next day, the bowl can be rinsed thoroughly and any residue removed.

We recommend cleaning the shisha regularly to ensure long-lasting enjoyment.

scope of delivery

When you purchase the Dschinni Junior 2S Shisha, the following components are included:

  • 1x silicone head gasket
  • 1x coal plate
  • 1x two-piece head adapter with 18.8 cut
  • 1x smoke column in silver
  • 1x base
  • 1x hose adapter/ground adapter with 14.4/14.5 ground
  • 1x bowl made of high borosilicate glass
  • 1x dip tube
  • 1x diffuser

Technical details

  • Size: approx. 36 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2kg
  • Plate cut: 18.8
  • Hose adapter cut: 14.4/14.5
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Bowl material: high borosilicate glass
  • Diffuser: Yes
  • Matching hygiene mouthpieces: Short and long hygiene mouthpieces
  • Head adapter: Two-piece, 18/8 cut
  • Hose adapter: 14.4/14.5 cut, compatible with all Candyhose models
  • Glass & smoke columns connection: thread
  • Hose connections: 2
  • Diameter of the plate: approx. 20 cm
  • Valve ball: 10mm
  • Water volume: approx. 0.5 liters

The Dschinni Junior 2S Shisha offers a unique smoking experience that impresses with its versatility, high-quality workmanship and well-thought-out details. Whether on the go, at home or in the catering industry, this shisha is the ideal companion for discerning shisha enthusiasts.


Technical details


Bowl material:

Glass & smoke columns connection:

Max. expandable hose connections:

Blow-out valve: