Genie Headshot Phunnel Head Set with HMD Smokebox Crown

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Crown HMD Smokebox Color: Silver
Headshot Phunnel (color): Light Blue
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Dschinni Headshot Phunnel Head Shisha Single Hole Head with HMD Smokebox


In the world of hookah smoking, there is a plethora of products that make it difficult to choose. But if you are looking for an unforgettable taste experience, then the Phunnel HMD set is just the thing for you! This unique set made of fireproof white clay and custom glaze offers you an easy entry into the exciting world of Phunnel. In this article, we will take a closer look at the benefits of this set and show you why it is a must-have for every hookah enthusiast.

The advantages of the Phunnel head HMD set

1. Complete set

The Phunnel HMD Set contains everything you need to take your shisha experience to a new level. In addition to the phunnel head and the donut setup, the set also includes a practical HMD (Heat Management Device). With this comprehensive set you are well equipped and can get started straight away.

2. Easy and quick assembly

The Phunnel head is quick and easy to assemble. The clay is covered with a sturdy glaze that not only looks attractive, but also prevents molasses from entering and extends the life of the head. You save time during setup and can move on to the actual smoking pleasure more quickly.

3. Easy to clean

The practical glaze of the Phunnel HMD set also makes it easier to clean after smoking. No more annoying scrubbing or soaking! In just a few simple steps, the bowl is clean again and ready for the next shisha experience.

4. Long smoking pleasure

Thanks to the intelligent design of the Phunnel head, the depot prevents the tobacco from dripping out. This means you can smoke longer and undisturbed without having to keep refilling your tobacco. Enjoy long smoking sessions with friends, without interruption.

5. Easy to use with handle

The HMD has a convenient handle that makes it easy to handle and place on your head. You can easily and safely regulate the heat without burning yourself. The knobs on the underside of the HMD also ensure even heat distribution, while the special coating prevents the tobacco from burning.

6. Three coals can be used at the same time

The Phunnel HMD set offers space for up to three coals at the same time. This allows you to individually adjust the heat and perfectly control the taste of your tobacco. Whether you prefer Virginia or Dark Leaf strains, this set puts you in full control of your hookah experience.


    Experience the ultimate taste experience with the Phunnel HMD Set! This set impresses with its unique design made of fireproof white clay and custom glaze and offers you an effortless entry into the world of Phunnel.

    Simply use any tobacco of your choice - whether Virginia or Dark Leaf varieties - and form it in the phunnel using a donut setup. Thanks to the robust glaze, your tobacco stays fresh longer and prevents molasses from penetrating.

    With the practical HMD you can smoke any tobacco and, thanks to the depot in the phunnel, enjoy a long smoking time without constant refilling. The knobs on the underside of the HMD ensure even heat distribution, while the special coating prevents the tobacco from burning.

    After smoking, cleaning the bowl is child's play thanks to the practical glaze. Look forward to an intense taste that you won't soon forget.

    Technical details

    The Phunnel HMD set is an absolute asset for every shisha lover. With its unique design made of fireproof white clay and individual glaze, it not only offers an attractive appearance, but above all an unforgettable taste experience. The advantages of the set are obvious: a complete set, quick assembly, easy cleaning, long smoking pleasure, comfortable handling and full control over the heat. What are you waiting for? Discover the Phunnel world now at an unbeatable price!

    • Height of the HMD: 3.4cm
    • Height of the head: 12.5cm
    • Diameter HMD: 7.5cm
    • Diameter head: 8.5cm

    • aluminum
    • volume
    Bowl material:

    Glass & smoke columns connection: