Dschinni 26 Shisha Natural Charcoal Cubes Deluxe Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

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Experience the full enjoyment with Dschinni 26 Cubes Deluxe Shisha Coal!

Extra long burning time and no taste of its own - high-quality shisha charcoal for unforgettable aromas

Immerse yourself in an incomparable shisha experience with the new Dschinni Cubes Deluxe shisha charcoal from Dschinni. This high-quality coconut charcoal impresses with its extra long burning time and no taste of its own. Enjoy the pure aroma of your shisha tobacco varieties for hours without being disturbed by unwanted aftertastes.

Perfect fit and versatile use - Dschinni Cubes Deluxe shisha charcoal for every shisha head

The cube shape and size of the Dschinni Cubes Deluxe shisha charcoal make them an ideal addition to any shisha head. No matter which shisha you have, these coals fit perfectly and guarantee that the tobacco burns evenly. But that's not all - the coals are also ideal for grilling meat, fish and other grilled food. Your culinary creations will become true explosions of flavor thanks to the pure natural nature of the coal.

Note: Combine with our high-quality charcoal lighter!

To get the most out of your shisha experience, we recommend using our high quality charcoal lighter. With these practical accessories you can ignite the Dschinni Cubes Deluxe shisha charcoal effortlessly and quickly without having to rely on bulky lighters or external heat sources. The charcoal lighter was specially developed to burn the coals evenly and gently, allowing you to fully enjoy your shisha even faster. Order our charcoal lighter at the same time and complete your shisha experience!

Highest quality and strict quality control - Dschinni Cubes Deluxe shisha charcoal for demanding shisha connoisseurs

The Dschinni Cubes Deluxe shisha charcoal is produced under the strictest conditions and constant quality control to always guarantee you the best quality. No chemical additives or harmful substances affect the purely natural product. You can rely on these shisha charcoal to add significant added value to your shisha enjoyment.

Technical data of the Dschinni Cubes Deluxe shisha charcoal - powerful shisha charcoal for unique experiences

  • High quality coconut charcoal
  • No chemical additives, absolutely free of harmful substances
  • Long burning time, lasts up to 2 hours
  • Less than 3% ash development
  • 100% made from natural raw materials
  • No taste of its own
  • Even burning
  • High calorific value and heat development
  • Hardly any smell when turned on
  • Also ideal for grilling

Experience the difference with Dschinni Cubes Deluxe Shisha Charcoal and maximize the enjoyment of your shisha like never before!


Long lasting burn time

The Dschinni Cubes Deluxe coconut charcoal briquettes offer an exceptionally long burn time, allowing you to enjoy your shisha sessions without interruptions. No more constant refills, just undisturbed, long-lasting shisha moments.

Versatile application possibilities

Aside from the shisha, this charcoal is also an ideal companion for barbecue evenings. It is ideal for grilling various foods by enhancing the natural taste of meat, fish and other delicacies without adding any flavor of its own.

Pure flavors

Don't let coals with a strong taste bother you. This coconut charcoal preserves the pure and genuine note of your favorite flavors, both when smoking shisha and grilling, and gives you an authentic taste experience.

Natural quality

Rely on quality and sustainability with the Dschinni Cubes Deluxe coconut charcoal. With strict quality control and no chemical additives or harmful substances, a purely natural product is created that makes every shisha or barbecue session a healthy experience.

Technical details

  • Cube size: 26 x 26 x 26

  • 100% coconut shells
Bowl material:

Glass & smoke columns connection: