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Dschinni aluminum mouthpieces: the perfect choice for shisha smokers

When it comes to a high quality yet lightweight mouthpiece for your shisha, then the Dschinni aluminum mouthpiece is the ultimate choice. With its robust anodized aluminum construction, it not only offers durability but also a distinctive smoking experience.

The robust and lightweight design

The Dschinni aluminum mouthpiece impresses with its durable construction. Thanks to the anodized aluminum surface, it is completely rust-free and can easily withstand the challenges of shisha smoking. At the same time, it is surprisingly light, which significantly increases the comfort when smoking.

Pleasant feel and optimal draft

The smooth shape of the mouthpiece fits perfectly in the hand and provides a pleasant grip. But that's not all - the generous diameter and wide-open mouth opening ensure optimal airflow and therefore unsurpassed draft. Every train becomes a pleasure.

Universal compatibility

Regardless of whether you have a Dschinni Candyhose hose or a standardized shisha hose from another provider - the Dschinni aluminum mouthpiece is versatile and fits perfectly with a variety of hoses. This means that you can enjoy any type of tobacco of your choice with this mouthpiece without having to make any compromises.

Dschinni aluminum mouthpiece: Perfect for on the go

For those who like to enjoy their shisha on the go, the Dschinni aluminum mouthpiece is the ideal companion. With its intelligent screw connection in the middle, it can be easily unscrewed, making transport and storage much easier.

High-quality workmanship and appearance

The aluminum mouthpiece is not only functional, but also visually appealing. The matt look created by the high-quality anodized aluminum coating gives the mouthpiece an elegant appearance that fits perfectly into any shisha environment.

Ease of use in focus

The grooves at the junction between the mouthpiece and the hose connection play a crucial role in ease of use. They prevent the hose from sticking to the mouthpiece and therefore make it easier to loosen the hose. This allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Longevity and robustness

The Dschinni Shisha aluminum mouthpiece is not only elegant, but also extremely durable. It is designed to stand the test of time and remains intact even with intensive use. This makes it an investment that will pay off in the long term.

Don't hesitate any longer and experience an incomparable shisha smoking experience with the Dschinni aluminum mouthpiece!


Thanks to the anodized aluminum construction, our mouthpiece is robust, lightweight and promises a long service life.

The aluminum ensures a pure, unadulterated taste and allows you to easily switch between types of tobacco

Our mouthpieces fit every Dschinni Candyhose hose as well as all common shisha hoses

The Dschinni aluminum mouthpiece offers a pleasant grip and excellent draft thanks to the large diameter

Technical details

An essential accessory for shisha smokers

Overall, the Dschinni aluminum mouthpiece is an asset for every shisha smoker. Its robust construction, pleasant feel, optimal draft options and universal compatibility make it a must-have accessory for everyone who wants to enjoy shisha smoking to the fullest.

Dschinni Alu Mundstücke - Dschinni GmbH
Genie aluminum mouthpieces Sale price€4,90 Regular price€9,90
Dschinni Alu Mundstücke - Dschinni GmbH
Genie aluminum mouthpieces Sale price€4,90 Regular price€9,90
  • Mouthpiece length: 40 cm
  • Handle diameter: 13.6 mm
  • End piece diameter: 13.6 mm


  • anodized aluminum
Bowl material:

Glass & smoke columns connection: