Dschinni Bowl silicone seals for hookahs smoke column Geko technology

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Dschinni silicone seal bowl seal for hookah smoke columns


In the world of shisha lovers, everything revolves around the perfect smoking experience. One of the most important components of a shisha is the bowl seal, which ensures that the plug-in bowl or traditional bowl is connected to a column of smoke in an airtight manner. In this article we will look at Dschinni's high-quality Tradi Bowl seals, which are made of food-grade silicone and offer numerous advantages. Find out why these seals are an excellent choice for all hookah enthusiasts.

The special feature of the Tradi Bowl seals

The Tradi Bowl seals from Dschinni are characterized by their special adhesion and longevity of the material. In contrast to porous and brittle plastic seals, these seals are made of high-quality silicone. This material is extremely flexible and adheres significantly better and more effectively than conventional plastic seals for Tradibowls or plug-in hookahs. The durability of these seals means that you don't have to worry about leaky connections for a long time, meaning you can enjoy the perfect smoke without interruption.

Health-friendly and heat-resistant

The material of the seal is made of food-safe silicone, which is not only heat-resistant but also does not emit any harmful substances. This is a big advantage compared to cheaper options on the market, as inferior materials could potentially release substances that are harmful to health. Dschinni attaches great importance to only offering sustainable and health-friendly products that are also more effective.

Individually customizable

The bowls for shisha may have slight differences during production, resulting in small deviations from the inner diameter. To ensure that the seal holds perfectly, Dschinni offers different sizes from which you can choose the right one for your bowl. This means you can be sure that the seal fits perfectly and an airtight connection is guaranteed.

Advantages of the Genie silicone seal

1. Longevity

The high-quality workmanship and flexible silicone ensure a long service life for the seal. You can rely on a long-lasting airtight connection without the seal wearing out quickly.

2. Food safety

The food-safe silicone ensures that no harmful substances get into the smoke. Enjoy your shisha tobacco without concerns about material compatibility.

3. Odorless and tasteless

The silicone is odorless and tasteless, so the taste and aroma of your shisha tobacco is not affected.

4. Moisture resistance

The seal is moisture resistant and remains intact even during prolonged use without swelling or affecting its functionality.

5. Flexibility

The high flexibility of the silicone allows for easy adjustment to different bowl sizes to ensure a perfect fit.


The Tradi Bowl seal from Dschinni is an essential accessory for every shisha lover. With its special adhesion, longevity and health-friendliness, it far surpasses conventional plastic seals. The selection of different sizes guarantees an individual fit to your bowl to ensure an airtight connection. Enjoy a worry-free and incomparable shisha experience with the Dschinni silicone seal.


Question 1: How long does the Genie silicone seal last?

Answer: The seal is extremely durable and can be used for a long period of time without compromising its functionality.

Question 2: Is the silicone food safe?

Answer: Yes, the silicone is food grade and safe for contact with shisha tobacco.

Question 3: Can I adjust the seal to different bowl sizes?

Answer: Yes, Dschinni offers different sizes so that the seal can be perfectly tailored to your bowl.

Question 4: Does the silicone affect the taste of the shisha tobacco?

Answer: No, the silicone is odorless and tasteless, so the taste of the shisha tobacco remains unadulterated.

Question 5: Is the seal moisture resistant?

Answer: Yes, the silicone is moisture-resistant and remains in top condition even after prolonged use.


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